Sports injuries; ouch!

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- During fiscal year 2012, the base experienced 429 documented injuries. Out of those 429, 169 were sports related. 17 injuries have already been logged for fiscal year 2013.

According to Mr. Samuel Spooner, 17 Training Wing Chief of Safety, running injuries take the lead, followed by basketball, flag and tackle football, and soccer.

"Most of the injuries are due to aggressive play and collisions," added Spooner.

He also pointed out most of the injuries recorded are knee and ankle injuries.

"Be smart, play in a controlled manner and know your limits," Spooner explained. "Tone down the aggressive play and watch for collisions."

Spooner also said football injuries result from collisions and flag pulling. Most of the
common injuries are to fingers and hands including sprained and broken fingers.

"Avoid contact with other people and be careful when pulling flags," he added.

Goodfellow is looking for ways to help service members prevent sports injury. The base plans on resurfacing the basketball courts outside of Mathis Fitness Center to help reduce falls and ankle injuries.

The best advice Spooner has to offer is to know our limits because others are depending on us. Our leaders are expecting us to be healthy and fit for duty. Not only do our leaders depend on us, so do our co-workers.