SAPR helps Team Goodfellow by raising awareness

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas- -- The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office wants Team Goodfellow to know they are here to help active duty or dependent victims of an assault get the care and support they need.

"We are here to help the victim of a sexual assault throughout the entire process," said Donna Casey, Sexual Assault and Response Coordinator. "We are someone to talk to all while maintaining confidentiality. The personal information you bring here, stays here."

Sexual assault can be one of the most traumatic occurrences in a person's life. It can affect everything from the person's work, relationships with friends and family, to his or her own behavior. Talking to a victim advocate, an active duty or Defense Department employee trained with the duty of responding to sexual assault victims can help the victim regain his or her independency and continue on with their military career.

The SARC office looks for different ways to educate the community on methods of preventing sexual assault. Holding events such as "Girls Night Out" and giving the mandatory bystander intervention training and briefings, helps promote the attitude of zero tolerance for sexual assault and offenses.

A relatively new program to the Air Force called Students Against Sexual Assault and Harassment is now an option for students on base to become involved in. The members of SASH are there to welcome students to come to them with any issues they may be experiencing involving sexual harassment that they would otherwise be uncomfortable speaking to a Military Training Leader or Victims Advocate about.

"As members of SASH, we're trained to let students who come to us with an issue know who to go to," said Airman 1st Class Candace Herrera, 315th Training Squadron student and member of SASH. "We let them know it's their choice to decide how to handle the situation and we give them the options they can take with the choice they've made, whatever makes them feel most comfortable."

SASH promotes the program and educational information by handing out flyers and holding events such as the 80's Dance Party or the "Around the World Race."

"We want the students to have fun here on base while being safe and smart about decisions, so the SASH members will hold fun events to raise awareness," said Casey.

Being informed about SAPR can help not only you but it can help your fellow coworkers and family. Learning how to take on a zero tolerance attitude towards sexual harassment can create a better workplace.

For more information on the SARC program or to volunteer to become a victim advocate, call the SARC office at 325- 654-1571 or 325-654-1559. Those who need to report a sexual assault should call the SARC hotline 24/7 at 325-654-1570.