Just drive

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Can you read a book and juggle three balls at the same time?

Can you cook scrambled eggs and play basketball at the same time?

Can you get a haircut while dancing?

Most likely, the answers to these questions would be NO.

No one would expect you to do two of these things simultaneously, so why would you want to?

So, you make the decision to do them separately.

Let's say you have to drive from one place to another. Now, the one activity you are doing is...Driving.

Why would you do anything else in your car while driving? Texting, looking through CDs, leaning over to reach something that you dropped, the list is endless.

So many drivers seem to think about what they could do to pass the time. But driving is what they are already doing! People trying to contact you understand when you cannot answer your cell, or read/reply to a text. These extra things are not do or die. Unless of course, you hit something while doing them.

You can make a difference. The difference you can make by not driving distracted is very hard to measure because you are here and able to read this. But, what if you weren't here to read this because of one small distraction?

Please, when you are driving, JUST DRIVE.