Angelo Inn accommodates many travelers

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas-- -- The Angelo Inn, here, accommodates more than the retiree visitors that come to visit relatives in San Angelo or just relaxing. During summer months, the nearly 500 rooms at the Angelo Inn are filled to capacity with attendees participating in several Goodfellow-hosted conferences or training classes.

Despite its incredibly busy season, Angelo Inn has accommodated nearly all of its space-available travelers throughout the year. With winter fast approaching, this inn continues to meet its customers' needs.

While availability may fluctuate based on Goodfellow's training schedule for trainees, patrons that are eligible may find excellent comfort not only physically, but budget-wise as well. The convenience of the Inn's Shop Marts are stocked with all the necessary items a traveler could possibly need from sundry items to foods ranging in a variety of beverages, snacks, meals, fruits and soups.

Activities on the base capture interests in a wide array of choices from striking up a conversation over a game of bowling at Thede Bowling Center or catching a pay-per-view event at the Event Center, to finishing up the evening with a relaxing stay in one of Angelo Inn's nicely air-conditioned rooms.

The Angelo Inn is open to all Defense Department ID card holders, and anyone they sponsor, however, active duty members with orders have top priority. Others not traveling on official orders are considered space available and can book reservations up to 30 days in advance. When planning to stay in the Angelo in, always contact the reservation desk at 325-654-3686 to ensure rooms are available.

Whether the plan is to simply visit the San Angelo area or to visit a relative on base, Angelo Inn can make the stay very pleasant, comfortable and very relaxing.
For more information, contact the Angelo Inn front desk at 325-654-3332.