101 Critical Days of Summer Campaign Wrap Up. “Live to Play, Play to Live”

GOODFELLOW AFB, Texas -- This weekend marks the end of the 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign "Live to Play Play to Live." However, safety is crucial 365 days a year and we must not let our guard down. We've covered many topics over the last 14 weeks in an effort to prevent mishaps. Topics such as boating safety, sport bike safety, sports risk management, DUI prevention, and defensive driving. The 17th Training Wing safety office has captured the briefings, links, and articles on the Safety Community of Practice for use throughout the year. In addition, video clips, safety information for high risk activities, and "What it Means to be a Wingman," have been added. 

We experienced 18 fatalities as an Air Force during the campaign. Unfortunately, we did not see the reduction anticipated as we had 12 fatalities in 2008 and 17 in 2007. In summary, we experienced nine private motor vehicle fatalities, five motorcycle fatalities, two drowning fatalities, one small airplane crash, and one miscellaneous fatality. Many of the vehicle fatalities resulted from crossing the centerline to come in contact with another vehicle or through collisions with stationary objects. 

Operational Risk Management needs to be interwoven into all of our daily activities. We must determine the risks and act to reduce the risks. As our 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign comes to an end, we recognize motor vehicle mishaps as the number one issue facing our Airmen today. Alcohol, fatigue, seatbelt use (Proper Protective Equipment), and excessive speed for conditions continue to play a role. Driver distraction and driver experience influenced the fatal mishaps as well. Defensive driving is crucial. If you are doing something besides driving when driving, you dramatically increase your risk for a mishap.

 As we enter our fall safety campaign, please remember the shift of students back to school as well as road and weather condition changes. Wildlife, such as deer, tends to be more active in the San Angelo area during the fall months. Our highway patrol and local law enforcement will be out in force this weekend to ensure our roads remain safe from drivers under the influence. There is no excuse for drinking and driving. Please continue to look out for one another and above all take the time to actively consider the risks and how to reduce the risks before heading out. 

The Travel Risk Planning System, available as a link from the Safety CoP, is a good tool for trip planning and risk mitigation strategies for all to use. As the Air Force chief of safety notes in his wrap up message, please encourage your personnel to take time to review their travel plans, discuss roadworthy vehicle operation, and seatbelt usage - unbelievably, about 30 percent of our PMV-4 fatalities this year did not bother to "CLICK." For more safety information and clips visit https://afkm.wpafb.af.mil/ASPs/CoP/OpenCoP.asp?Filter=OO-SE-AE-44.