Energy saving starts with shaving

Energy conservation

Energy conservation

GOODFELLOW AFB, Texas -- Goodfellow, typical of most southern and southwestern bases, experiences its season of high energy demand during the summer. Running air conditioners is the primary reason for the increase in electricity usage. 

Not only does this become a concern for the customer who has to pay the bill, but the utility company experiences the burden of having to maintain the capability of meeting much higher draws on the electrical grid. This is why Goodfellow implements peak shaving. As the term indicates we want to shave off our electric usage when the draw is the highest. Goodfellow implements peak shaving when outside temperatures reach 95 degrees fahrenheit. 

Here are things you should do when peak shaving is implemented: 
1. Turn off hallway lighting except where lighting levels become unsafe. 
2. Turn off lighting in all unoccupied rooms and restrooms. 
3. Make sure manual thermostats are not set below 78 degree Fahrenheit. 
4. Turn off all coffee makers that are not being used. 
5. Ensure all office machines (printers, typewriters, monitors) that are not being used, are turned off. 
6. Close the blinds on all windows with a western exposure. 
7. Minimize or turn off electrical power to building/area specific equipment, where practical.