Community College of the Air Force: Making your Air Force career work toward your educational goals

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- The Community College of the Air Force was activated in 1972 for Airmen to gain academic recognition through technical training conducted by Air Force schools.

CCAF provides two-year educational programs to Active-duty, Reserve, and Air National Guard enlisted Airmen.

Airmen are automatically enrolled into the college upon completing basic training. These programs are designed for students to meet technological and leadership challenges by combining technical training from the Air Force with general education from civilian accredited colleges.

The CCAF is an increasingly valuable program to the nation because through it the Air Force improves partnerships with American higher education, initiates enlisted personnel to college-level courses, increases interest in attending public and private institutions, and provides incentives for higher level occupational education programs.
"The Community College of the Air Force degree is not only important for self development, but for the needs of the Air Force and career enhancement," said Steve Williams, who works at the Education Center on Goodfellow.

The CCAF is the largest community college in the world and is the only community college residing within the Department of Defense with the administrative center at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala.

More than 347,000 students are registered with 112,503 students actively pursuing a CCAF degree.

To date, the college has more than 242,000 graduates and has conferred more than 290,000 associate in applied science degrees.

Other armed services personnel (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard) assigned to and actively teaching CCAF courses at affiliated schools may register in a CCAF degree program.

They also must complete all degree requirements before leaving instructor duty at the CCAF affiliated school in order to earn a CCAF degree.

Once they leave the CCAF instructor position, they are no longer eligible to earn a CCAF degree; however they may request a CCAF transcript for their credits.

Beyond the CCAF associates degree is the Air University Associate-to-Baccalaureate Cooperative program.

The program is an initiative between the Air Force and civilian higher education institutions to offer baccalaureate degree opportunities to every Air Force enlisted member.

AU-ABC points Airmen with completed CCAF associates degrees to a collection of accredited "military-friendly" colleges. Registrants must be serving in the active duty Air Force, Air Force Reserves or Air National Guard; however, degree requirements may be completed after a student retires or separates from the Air Force.

For any information regarding the Community College of the Air Force or the Air University Baccalaureate Cooperative Program, you may contact the Education Center on Goodfellow at 654-3314.