Int’l officers train on Goodfellow

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Have you noticed some unusual uniforms and ranks on base lately? If so, it's because Goodfellow has 11 new guests who are here representing 6 nations - Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, South Korea, Nigeria and New Zealand.

The officer students - usually but not always from their country's air forces -- are here to attend the International Intelligence Applications Officer Course. I'll bet you didn't know that! Actually, Goodfellow plays host to foreign military students from over 40 nations.

The course, taught three times a year, for approximately four months, is designed to give students from allied countries a better understanding of how the United States Air Force manages and operates its intelligence functions in a coalition environment.

Our student body currently consists of one colonel, two lieutenant colonels, a major, six captains and one lieutenant. However, this class is not typical rank wise in that we have so many senior officers.

In general, the "international course," as it is affectionately known, is primarily for company-grade Intelligence officers (captains and lieutenants), but is also available for higher-ranking officers crossing over into the intelligence career field.

In order to help Team Goodfellow better understand just who our international VIP visitors are, the International Military Student Office provides each foreign officer with a white name tag. This name tag has the officer's name, rank and country and is normally worn on the officer's right side above the shirt pocket.

Additionally, you can find the officer's US-equivalent rank just above the nametag. So remember to show the proper customs and courtesies (salute if warranted!) to our guests.

It is worth noting; however, that intelligence is not the only training that draws international students to Goodfellow. The training at the Louis F. Garland Department of Defense Fire Academy is another 'learning magnet' that is beginning to attract a lot of international interest.

The international military community is becoming keenly aware that the 17th Training Group has the only military, state-of-the-art, firefighting academy with international firefighting accreditation. Besides training our own military and civil service fire fighters, the academy trains many firefighters from allied countries as well, most of whom are military officers.

Please, put your best foot forward in helping to welcome our distinguished guests. The experience and information you pass on to our visitors about our United States will form lasting impressions and memories for these individuals. At the same time, you will be surprised by the things you can learn from our international students.

Many former IIAOC students go on to become senior leaders in the militaries and governments of their home nations, and good experiences here at Goodfellow will ensure stronger ties between our respective nations in the years to come.