Eyes on fitness

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- By now you have heard that your Physical Fitness Test results will determine how your EPR or OPR will be marked. You will be either marked as meeting the standard (with a score of 75 or above), not meeting the standard (with a score of 74.99 or less) and exempt (if you are on a waiver from all four aspects of the test). Those Airmen marked in the "does not meet" category will face a referral EPR or OPR.

A referral EPR could affect an individual's chances for promotion, a special duty assignment and other aspects of your career. That's why it is so important for you to remain fit throughout the year and make sure you pass your annual test.

The Air Force uses the whole person concept which promotes the idea that keeping the mind and body in shape is important to your overall mental and physical health. As a member of the Air Force, you may be called upon to perform your duties under all types of conditions. Being fit will help you carry out the important day-to-day decisions required of all Airmen. Also, the benefits of being physically fit in maintaining overall health and reducing stress are well documented.

A look at the minimum Air Force physical fitness requirements shows that an Airman does not need to be an athlete in order to pass either test. Naturally, some effort is required, but most Airmen in good physical health should pass these tests if a regular mix of aerobic physical fitness and anaerobic (strength building) exercises are a part of the lifestyle.

Keys to Your Success
- Make exercise a priority
- Pack your gym bag the night before
- Use the "buddy-system" - work out with a colleague, family member or friend
- Change your routine to avoid boredom
- Use an exercise log to track your progress