Antiterrorism and force protection: everyone's business at Goodfellow

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- In light of recent world events, and to keep overall antiterrorism awareness up, the Goodfellow Monitor will be running a series of articles on antiterrorism. Take the time to read and employ these tips to increase your security.

This article addresses general security precautions and further articles will address specific security concerns, such as travel and suspicious activity. General Precautions:

- Do not volunteer personal information.
- Be cautious of conversations in public places and on the telephone.
- Do not have rank or duty title in commercial phone books.
- Avoid (when feasible/possible) wearing military uniforms or other identifiable clothing while traveling off the installation. If possible, remove military headgear and cover uniform when traveling in a vehicle. If a uniform is required, consider changing at the office.
- Vary routes and times when going to and from work, taking children to school and shopping. Be unpredictable and avoid establishing routines.
- Look for unfamiliar objects or activities when traveling by vehicle, especially during early morning or late at night.
- Avoid isolated areas, side streets, civil disturbances, and demonstrations.
- Consider removing family name from home or vehicle.
- Know where your family members are at all times and encourage them to check in by telephone.
- Verify all deliveries and repairs through proper credentials or other documents.
- Contact the agency or company they claim to represent for additional verification.
- Be alert for unidentified vehicles or personnel and exercise caution with strangers.
- Know your neighborhood and neighbors.
- Keep all outside doors and accessible windows closed and locked.
- Keep car and house keys separate and maintain accountability.
- Conduct frequent checks of your vehicles to ensure they are in good working order and there are no anomalies.
- Never leave young children at home unattended.
- Examine mail for suspicious letters or parcels.
- Familiarize children with police and fire stations and teach them emergency procedures and telephone numbers.
- Advise children to avoid isolated areas, to travel and play in groups, never talk to or go anywhere with strangers and to keep family members informed of their whereabouts.
- When making travel reservations, do not use rank or position and if possible use military air.
- When in a restaurants, locate emergency exits upon entering, chose a table with greatest field of view, avoid business conversation near other patrons, and do not reveal after-dinner plans.
- Stress the importance of security and the seriousness of the threat to the whole family.
- Be alert to your surroundings and report suspicious personnel or activities to local authorities.
- Remember to trust your instincts!

These tips, and other important information, are located in the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Guide 5260, Service Member's Personal Protection Guide: A Self-Help Handbook to Combating Terrorism, which can be found on the base intranet. Remember, antiterrorism and force protection are everyone's job.

Contact the 17th Training Wing Force Protection office at 654-3527 for more information.