Goodfellow opens tax center Feb. 4

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Active-Duty Members Assigned to Goodfellow:

All active-duty members assigned to Goodfellow desiring to get free tax assistance in preparing their federal income tax returns and free electronic filing must first go through their Unit Tax Advisor. This will allow the member and the UTA to remain within close proximity of their duty section. This reduces the amount of lost duty time the member would incur if required to travel from their duty section to the Base Tax Center. The UTAs will be able to complete the entire filing process to include tax preparation, transmission and processing solely from their office desktop computer. Please contact your UTA for an appointment.

Retirees and All Others:

There will still be a centralized Goodfellow Base Tax Center this year. However, this service will be opened primarily to retirees and those without unit tax advisors and by appointment only. The Goodfellow Base Tax Center will be open Feb. 4 through April 11 and will offer a variety of free services, including electronic filing. The Tax Center is located in the base library (Bldg. 712) and will be staffed by volunteer income tax representatives trained by the IRS. To make an appointment, please call the Legal Office at 654-3203.


One more free service for tax filing is http://www.militaryonesource.com. To be eligible for this service you must fall under one of these categories: Active duty, Guard and Reserve (regardless of activation status), spouse and dependent children (authorized in DEERS). Please check the web site's Q&A section for further eligibility options.

When you are prepared to file your tax return, you need to bring the following (if applicable):
- Military I.D.
- All W-2 Forms
- HUD-1 Forms
- Proof of child care expenses
- All 1099 INT and DIV Forms
- Power of Attorney if necessary
- Form 1098, mortgage interest statement
- Any other tax-related documents that you may have
- Receipt for Deductible Expenses if itemizing deductions
- Social Security cards (yourself/spouse and/or dependents)
- Proof of bank account (a void check/deposit slip) if direct deposit is requested
- First-year Airmen need to know if a parent is claiming them as a dependent
- Last year's tax return if available

The UTAs are limited to individual income tax assistance. The staff is unable to provide advice or assistance to anyone owning a private business. However, taxpayers may fill out a Schedule C (on their own) and bring it in with the rest of their tax documents for electronic filing.