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  • Continuing to do what we do best

    In a recent email to the men and women of the 17th Medical Group, also known as the Cobra Medics, I wrote, “We are being called upon to do what medics do best – provide for the health and safety of our patients.”
  • Only Thing to Fear is Fear Itself

    Right now, in America, we face an uncertain foe. We cannot easily square up across from illness and face this fear head on.
  • Partnerships and risk taking build our Air Force family

    The essence of partnership is a relationship; a relationship is risk. In the current pandemic, we’ve seen communities, workforces, teams, families, and neighbors come together building relationships.
  • Tactical Pause Day

    In the midst of precautions taking place because of COVID-19, Col. Andres Nazario, 17th Training Wing commander, called for a tactical pause day March 30.