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  • Leaders never stop learning

    A major part of becoming an effective leader is learning how to communicate efficiently with peers, leadership and subordinates. Although practice is the best learning tool, one must first understand how people communicate.
  • A note from the Commander on housing

    Team, we are taking action immediately to make Goodfellow a base of choice for all service members using a phased approach to improve quality of mission and quality of life for students and permanent party members assigned to our team. Specifically to address quality of life, installation leaders met and designed a CONNECT, GROW, and GO based approach to improve life for our dorm residents.
  • Connect, Grow, Go

    Col. Andres Nazario, 17th Training Wing commander, kicked off a new way to encourage Airmen and their families. He reminds Airmen to Connect by building a relationship with others, Grow by developing themselves and others, and Go deliver results to the base and community.