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Base in-processing for prior service, Guard, Reserve and officer students

Upon arrival to Goodfellow Air Force Base, your first stop will be to your assigned training squadron to check-in.
312th Training Squadron, building 3453
315th Training Squadron, building 530
316th Training Squadron, building 519

Base in-processing occurs every Tuesday from 0640-1700 at the Taylor Chapel, building 164. See your squadron for details in case of location change. Please arrive at 0630.

Students need to arrive at Goodfellow in time to attend the Tuesday base in-processing event prior to their class start date.  Note: Students attending the Geospatial-Intelligence Analyst Course should arrive one day prior to their class start date as they will  attend the base in-processing event the Tuesday after the class start date.

Base in-processing is required for all students regardless of status.

For more information, call base in-processing at 325-654-1972.

For those reporting to the 312th Training Squadron:
Military Training Leaders (Non-Prior Service Students)
DSN 477-5943 COMM 325-654-5943

First Sergeant (Prior Service Students):
DSN 477-5363 COMM 325-654-5362

For those reporting to the 315th Training Squadron:
Military Training Leaders (Non-Prior Service Students):
DSN 477-3742 COMM 325-654-3742

Casual Office (Prior Service and Officer Students):
DSN 477-3318 COMM 325-654-3318

For those reporting to the 316th Training Squadron:
For incoming 316th Training Squadron students inprocessing information click here

U.S. Army 344th Military Intelligence Battalion:
For incoming Soldiers inprocessing information click here.

Navy Center for Information Dominance Detachment:
For information for the Navy detachment click here.

Marine Corps Detachment:
For information on the detachment click here.

For more information on the installation and surrounding area visit,P4_INST_TYPE:4420,INSTALLATION