17th Training Group

Mission: Train, Develop, and Inspire Professional Fire-Rescue, and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Professionals.

Vision: Innovation. Combat Capability. Our Nation’s Future. It Starts Here!

Organization: The 17th Training Group is the largest of the four groups in the 17th Training Wing and consists of four squadrons, a detachment, and an operating location with over 1,000 staff and instructors, and is responsible for more than 320 initial skills, intermediate, and advanced courses per year, while graduating over 12,000 training Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), fire-rescue, and scientific applications professionals annually.

The 17th TRG consists of the following squadrons:
17th Training Support Squadron 
312th Training Squadron 
313th Training Squadron
315th Training Squadron & 315th Training Squadron, Operating Location-Alpha
316th Training Squadron & 316th Training Squadron, Detachment 1

Priorities & focus areas

Priority 1:  Preserve, normalize and execute the training mission today

  • Capitalize on lessons learned, document competency based training, and stabilize training strategies
  • Establish faculty development courses to provide instructor and support staff training to meet emerging requirements
  • Create and integrate joint exercises to meet the demands of the NDS to engage in global competition meet the demands

Priority 2:  Improve capacity and capabilities for tomorrow

  • Modernize the way we educate and train through open network architecture
  • Develop the technology and policies to enable the campus of the future
  • Updated communications infrastructure to enable training today and tomorrow

Priority 3:  Establish 17 TRG as the assignment of choice

  • Sustain and increase available professional development opportunities for instructors
  • Establish additional billeted opportunities through NIU and NPS to enable officer and enlisted instructors to earn degrees with follow-on tours as 17 TRG instructors
  • Nurture a culture of excellence, teamwork and flat communication