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17th Training Group

17th Training Group

17th Training Group

Train, Develop, and Inspire Professional Fire-Rescue, and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Professionals.

Innovation. Combat Capability. Our Nation’s Future. It Starts Here!

The 17th Training Group is the largest of the four groups in the 17th Training Wing and consists of four squadrons, a detachment, and an operating location with over 1,000 staff and instructors, and is responsible for more than 320 initial skills, intermediate, and advanced courses per year, while graduating over 12,000 training Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), fire-rescue, and scientific applications professionals annually.

The 17th TRG consists of the following squadrons:
17th Training Support Squadron 
312th Training Squadron 
315th Training Squadron & 315th Training Squadron, Operating Location-Alpha
316th Training Squadron & 316th Training Squadron, Detachment 1


Priorities & focus areas


Priority 1:  Execute and improve the mission

Focus area 1.1.  Improve and expand infrastructure required for the training mission and quality of life
Focus area 1.2.  Challenge ineffective manpower formulas
Focus area 1.3.  Continuously improve and innovate training curriculum, delivery and exercise integration to establish a Continuum of Learning through a risk-taking culture and environment


Priority 2: Taking care of our people and families

Focus area 2.1.  Enhance military and civilian student/permanent party professional development, progression and satisfaction, thus creating an organization that people want to join and remain as members

Focus area 2.2.  Develop a family-friendly environment that recruits and retains families

Priority 3: Enhance community engagement and relationships

Focus area 3.1.  Maintain and improve partnerships with local community
Focus area 3.2.  Build internship opportunities for local community members
Focus area 3.3.  Integrate community partnerships across all focus areas