CIWT Detachment Goodfellow AFB

The Center for Information Warfare Training Detachment was established at Goodfellow on August 19, 1966 under the command and support of the Chief of Naval Personnel. In November 1971, responsibility for command and support of the Naval Communications Training Center at Pensacola, the Detachment's parent command, was transferred to the Chief of Naval Technical Training. In September 1973, the Detachment's name was changed to Naval Technical Training Center Detachment. The Detachment's name was again changed in July 2003 to Center for Cryptology Detachment. Subsequently, in January 2005, the Detachment's name was changed to Center for Information Dominance Detachment. The parent command is now Center for Information Dominance, Pensacola, Fla.

Mission: Develop Naval and Joint Service Warriors and Ambassadors of Information using the very best of technology and innovation.
Vision: Driving global information dominance for our nation by providing an innovative and adaptive information force.
  • Focus on the mission of training and educating our sailors and on the continual improvement of our contributions to fleet readiness.
  • Transfer more knowledge to more sailors faster.
  • Improve quality of life for all our sailors.
  • Develop and retain the highest caliber professional sailors.
  • Foster a spirit of full partnership with our West Texas neighbors.
  • Take pride in the Navy and uphold our core values of: HONOR, COURAGE and COMMITMENT