Weddings at the Chapel

The Goodfellow AFB Chapel staff is pleased to make the base Chapel facilities available for weddings in the hope your wedding will be a meaningful, beautiful, and religious experience. We believe the wedding ceremony is one of the most sacred moments in the life of two people. It is indeed a very significant experience which is not to be entered into lightly. The vows are made before God as two people ask God's blessing on their marriage and new life together. So, congratulations as you plan this important event.

Although there is no charge for the use of our facilities, there are policies that must be followed, and each wedding party is responsible for them. We will extend every possible courtesy to every wedding party. Please read this page thoroughly. If you have any questions, call DSN 477-3424 or commercial 325-654-3424 or email

NOTE: In general, valid military I.D. cardholders are eligible to be married at the Goodfellow Chapel. Contact the Chapel office for validation.

1. Chaplains are not Justices of the Peace, but clergy who serve in the military by the endorsement of their denominations. They may not perform a marriage ceremony if doing so comes in conflict with their religious requirements or personal convictions. Schedule an appointment with the chaplain according to faith or squadron by calling 325-654-3424.

2. The Goodfellow AFB Chapel should be reserved at the earliest possible date, so proper plans and Chapel requirements may be completed. The Chapel may be reserved up to 11 months in advance.

3. Use of the Goodfellow Chapel facilities is a privilege not a right. The sponsoring chaplain and wedding party during the first appointment will complete reservations for the Wing Chapel on AETC Form 427. The chaplain will forward it on for coordination. Weddings are not scheduled on Sundays due to existing worship services and programs. Generally, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. and 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. are blocked out on Saturdays for weddings. Other time blocks may be scheduled as well in consultation with a chaplain wedding sponsor. Please do not order your invitations until the chaplain confirms the date. Weddings are allotted a two-hour block. This will allow enough time for set-up, ceremony, photos, and clean-up. Rehearsals are limited to one hour. The Friday time slots available are 5 p.m. - 6 p.m. and 6 p.m. -­ 7p.m. You need to reserve the Chapel for rehearsals. Please reserve the Chapel for rehearsals at the time of wedding reservation.

4. Rice, confetti, and birdseed are prohibited because they are a safety hazard. Clean-up of the Chapel after the wedding is the responsibility of the wedding party. Everything brought into the Chapel must be removed at the end of the ceremony. This includes flowers, candles, decorations, and all trash.

5. The Chapel Fellowship Hall and the Religious Education Building are not available for receptions. Couples must schedule receptions elsewhere such as the Goodfellow Club, Base Lodge, or off base in San Angelo.

6. There is no charge for the Chaplain's services or for the use of the Chapel. The organist, soloist, pianist, and photographer are civilians and will charge for their services. The couple is required to negotiate for their fees. No smoking or alcohol is permitted in any of the Chapel facilities. Please utilize the butt cans when smoking on Chapel grounds.

7. You may have wedding guests who are not military members or civilian employees at Goodfellow who need access. Security Forces require that you provide them (at least one week prior to the wedding) as complete a guest list as possible with the date and time of the wedding and rehearsal. Guests driving on base will have to present a valid drivers license with a picture and proof of automobile insurance. There must be no more people in the car than there are seat belts and the seat belts must be worn at all times. Since you (the wedding couple) are the official host, contact the Security Forces personally at DSN: 477-3504 or commercial: 325-654-3504.

8. You may request the use of a civilian clergy. This should be coordinated with the chaplain sponsor. All clergy must provide proof of credentials/ordination to the Wing Chaplain, as well a proof of "good standing." Justices of the Peace are not allowed to perform weddings in the Goodfellow AFB Chapel. (This is a religious facility and only religious ceremonies are allowed.)

Marriage licenses in Texas may be obtained from the Tom Green County Clerks Office located in the Building Court Street Annex at 124 W. Beauregard, San Angelo, TX 76903 (Phone: 325-659-6556). You may call the number above and ask for the informational message. It will provide you with all the information regarding the marriage license.

The following is information that may help you regarding a marriage license. These rules may change. Please call the County Clerks office for authoritative information. There are no blood tests required in Texas to apply for a marriage license. Those applying for a license must be age 18 or older. If one or both of the applicants are under the age of 18, please call the County Clerks office regarding requirements.

The license will expire if not used in 30 days. There is generally a 72 hour waiting period from the time of application until the wedding can be performed. This can be waived for military personnel but contact the Clerk's office for details. If both members are not present to apply, the absent member must provide a sworn affidavit. If this is your situation, contact the Clerk's office for details.

The couple will need some identification and proof of age. A valid military I.D., valid drivers license, birth certificate, or Texas State I.D. are examples of acceptable identification. In the case of an absent applicant, the remaining applicant must have a valid form of the absentee's identification to show the County Clerk.

Be sure the chaplain/clergy is in possession of your license before the ceremony. The chaplain will sign the license and return it to the county Courthouse.

Premarital counseling is necessary when a couple is to be married by a Goodfellow AFB Chaplain. To ensure that a responsible and vital ministry of premarital counseling is provided to the couple:

All Goodfellow Protestant Chaplains require a minimum of 2 months preparation
All Goodfellow Roman Catholic Chaplains require a minimum of 6 months preparation

If, after you book your wedding there are changes to your plans, please call the Chapel Office at DSN: 477-3424 or commercial: 325-654-3424 as soon as possible! Another couple may desire to be married on the same date.

Flowers are the responsibility of the couple and cannot be delivered to the Chapel until the two-hour block of the wedding time. Do not leave your flowers! It is your obligation to remove them. If you desire to leave them, please arrange this in advance with the chaplain performing the ceremony. He/she will check to see if the Chapel can use them. It may be possible to use them for worship services, bring them to the hospital, or use them for some of our programs.

The Chapel has candleholders and special candelabras you may use at no cost. However, you will have to supply your own dripless candles. Please discuss this with the clergy person performing the ceremony.

Policies regarding photos during wedding ceremonies vary among clergy persons. The photographer must consult with the officiating clergy person before the service. Normally, photos of the wedding party, participants, and guests are taken before and after the wedding and/or wedding rehearsal.

The Chapel is designed and prepared for worship. Please do not move any furniture, religious items (such as banners, Advent candles, Christmas decorations, or Lenten decorations), piano, pulpit, or altar. Nothing may be moved. You must accept the sanctuary as it is. If there are any questions, direct them to your chaplain.

If you need to place anything on the ends of the pews, do not use tape, tacks or anything else that may damage the pews. Clips that do not leave a mark may be used. Consult with your florist or wedding coordinator for alternate methods of attaching decorations.

Thank you for reading our wedding policies at GAFB. If you have any questions, please stop by the Chapel Office, call your sponsoring chaplain, or email. We want your wedding to be the best it can be. May God richly bless your wedding with a long and happy marriage.