17th Training Wing celebrates new staff sergeant selects

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Abbey Rieves
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs

The 17th Training Wing came together to celebrate its newest staff sergeant selectees at the Staff Sergeant Release Party hosted at the Event Center Aug. 26.

Staff sergeants are expected to be highly skilled technicians with supervisory and training responsibilities. They must continuously strive to further their development as technicians, supervisors, and leaders through professional development opportunities. 

They are responsible for their subordinates’ development and the effective accomplishment of all assigned tasks. They must ensure proper and effective use of all resources under their control to ensure the mission is effectively and efficiently accomplished. Staff sergeants operate at the tactical expertise level of leadership.

Once a senior airman puts on the rank of staff sergeant, they become non-commissioned officers.

NCOs’ primary focus in this tier is mission accomplishment. They continue occupational growth and become expert technicians. At the same time, NCOs develop as leaders, supervisors, managers, and mentors. Additionally, they must ensure they keep themselves and subordinate personnel trained, qualified and ready to deploy and operate in an expeditionary environment while maintaining home station readiness. 

In this tier, NCOs also continue to develop institutional competencies in preparation for increased responsibilities while continuing to broaden technical skills and pursuing professional development. Congratulations to the newest staff sergeant selectees!

Goodfellow AFB

SrA Evan Adkins 

SrA Jermaine Ayers                       

SrA Thomas Bell

SrA Curtis Broxton                        

SrA Omari Crum                           

SrA Dominic Donato

SrA Jacqueline Flores                    

SrA Triste Fortenberry                

SrA Ian Fuselier

SrA Sean Gardner                         

SrA Sabrina Garner                      

SrA Robert Gibson

SrA Valeria Guevararodriguez    

SrA Maryah Hanson                      

SrA Damon Hunt

SrA Bailey Hunter                          

SrA Shamel Hutchinson               

SrA Ethan Kincaid

SrA Robert Madrid                        

SrA Angel Miller                             

SrA Nicholas Moya

SrA Aviles Ocampo                        

SrA Hernandez Orozco                 

SrA Emmanuel Parrott

SrA Robert Rathbun                      

SrA Jonathan Rdesinski                

SrA Aaron Robinson

SrA Jessica Savage                         

SrA Hernandez Sebrero                

SrA Jesus Soto

SrA Adrian Torres                          

SrA Samantha Trevizo                  

SrA Ashley Vera

SrA Madison West                         

SrA Tishona White Villarreal


Presidio of Monterey

SrA Yuna An                                    

SrA Vladislav Bolobov                   

SrA Benjamin Broadhead

SrA Darren Ellington                     

SrA Tamera Fowler                        

SrA Robert Fox

SrA Mackenzie Johnson               

SrA Madysn Ochoa                       

SrA Eran Saddler

SrA Mikayla Schiesser

DLI Arlington

SrA Ariela Andrade                       

SrA Sara Frazier                             

SrA Jarrod Jackson

SrA Kevin Plummer                       

SrA Michael Turner


Corry Station

SrA Kimberly Marlow                   

SrA Samarian Miller                      

SrA Landon Sullivan