17th TRW Spotlight: Petty Officer 1st Class Tyler Turner!

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Ashley Thrash
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs

This spotlight features Petty Officer 1st Class Tyler Turner, Center for Information Warfare Training Detachment instructor.

1.         How does your job support the 17th Training Wing’s mission?

Being an instructor with the Navy Analysis and Reporting Course allows me to train, develop, and inspire future information warfare personnel.

2.         What do you find most rewarding about your work?

The most rewarding part for me is being able to see students develop their skills and passion for doing their job well.

3.         What has been your biggest challenge in the military and how did you overcome that challenge?

My biggest challenge so far has been finding the right leadership approach for every individual. I’ve always wanted to ensure that my peers, subordinates, and superiors knew they could rely on me. I’ve challenged myself through formal and informal training to diversify my leadership and problem solving abilities.

4.         What has been your most memorable experience in the military?

When I was an E-2, I was given the opportunity to brief the commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and his deputy commander. Using the skills I learned here at Goodfellow AFB, I was able to deliver a briefing on the predictive analysis we performed on high profile vessel movements, which came to fruition months later. The moment our prediction came true was the most memorable experience I’ve had so far.

5.         What is one way that you accelerate change?

Finding ways to inspire students to make a difference and look after each other is how I feel I’ve made the most impact towards accelerating change. Our students are more involved with their community, more concerned for each other, and more focused on being a part of the team.

6.         What is one way that you have thrived?

Leaning forward in pretty much every aspect of my career has allowed me to be prepared for most of the challenges I have encountered. Forward learning, preparing ahead for tasking, and planning how to accomplish my goals has provided me an opportunity to thrive and help my team reach our common vision for future success.

7.         What is one piece of advice you would like to pass on?

Communicate with others clearly and concisely. When in doubt, communicate.