Highlights of 17th Training Wing Commander's Call (Nov. 2021)

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Ashley Thrash
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs

Col. Matthew Reilman, 17th Training Wing commander, held a Commander’s Call for 17th TRW personnel at the base theater, Nov. 19.

Reilman outlined a new mission, vision and values while also emphasizing areas and priorities for all personnel.

The new mission of the 17th TRW is to train, transform and empower joint and coalition warriors.

The new 17th TRW priorities have a familiar acronym: A.E.T.C.

Reilman reinforced Air Education and Training Command's focus areas: advanced force development, enhancing lethality and readiness, transforming the way we learn and cultivating an environment of excellence.

The commander’s call began with a video featuring the motto for the 17th TRW, Ever Into Danger. Reilman spoke of the importance of remembering the wing’s history and being proud of its heritage.

“The 17th TRW has a legacy for developing members of all branches to outperform our adversaries,” said Chief Master Sgt. Rebecca Arbona, 17th TRW command chief. “For us to accomplish that and make successful Airmen, we need everyone. Everybody has a stake in the game, and everyone is necessary.”

In addition to the motto, Ever Into Danger, Reilman implemented the R.I.S.E. set of core values, that emphasizes respect, integrity, service, and excellence.

Reilman highlighted treating all Airmen with dignity and respect and modeling the behavior that is expected from others, while also continuing service and ensuring we strive for excellence.

“Every day I get up and the one thing that I am always thinking about and I think about in every decision I make is: are we taking care of our Airmen and their families?” said Reilman. “Our families are vitally important to what we do and if we, all the way down to the supervisor level, take care of Airmen and their families, the mission is going to get done.”

Many improvement plans for the wing were discussed regarding housing, training, prioritizing mental health and talent management.

To end the all call, the floor was opened up for a Q&A where members asked questions in person and through text messages. They inquired about quality of life, medical and housing concerns.

“I want to say thank you for the warm welcome and all you do to take care of our Airmen and their families and our joint service partners as well,” said Reilman. “Take the time over the holidays to take a break and enjoy well-deserved time-off and continue to take care of each other today and through the New Year.”