17th TRW SAPR Program: Educate, Empower, Engage

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Abbey Rieves
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs

The Secretary of the Air Force reiterated sexual assault and sexual harassment will not be tolerated in the Department of the Air Force in a release on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, Feb. 28.

“The DAF is also working to significantly grow our dedicated and specialized violence prevention workforce to prioritize the prevention of a range of harmful behaviors, including sexual assault, harassment, domestic violence, and suicide,” the statement said. “This is a shared responsibility we expect every Airman, Guardian, civilian employee, and family member to embrace.”

The 17th Training Wing stands behind this commitment and the 17th TRW SAPR program offers support services for victims of sexual assault.

“Our focus for 2022 is ‘Triple E’: Educate, Empower, Engage,” said Richard Bart, 17th Training Wing sexual assault and response coordinator. “We want to Educate our Goodfellow teammates about sexual assault or harassment and facilitate a change in culture, Empower individuals to speak up for themselves, and teach bystanders/witnesses how to engage in intervention.”

You are never alone! The 17th TRW SAPR has a full staff ready to assist you, support you and ensure your rights as a victim are upheld; 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Confidential resources are available to those seeking information, wish to file a restricted or unrestricted report, or simply want to talk. Conversations are 100% confidential (excluding harm to self or others), and do not require a report to be made

Restricted Reporting

A restricted report can be filed if a sexual assault has occurred.

The report does not involve your chain of command, yet allows you access to:

  • -Medical assistance, both physical and mental

  • -Advocacy

  • -Legal (to include special victims counsel)

  • -Option to receive a sexual assault forensic exam (SAFE)

  • -Controlled release of personal information

The SARC, SAPR victim advocate, or volunteer victim advocates, and healthcare providers can help you file a restricted report.

Due to the confidentiality of the report, some limitations apply. Restricted reporting members have the following conditions:

  • -Ineligible for an expedited transfer or reassignment

  • -No chain of command support

  • -Cannot receive a protective order

  • -The alleged offender will not be held accountable

A restricted report may also be converted to an unrestricted report at any time by the reporter exclusively. 

Unrestricted Reporting

An unrestricted report can be filed if a sexual assault has occurred.

The report does involve your chain of command and people with a need-to-know, yet allows you access to:

  • -Medical assistance, both physical and mental

  • -Advocacy

  • -Legal (to include special victims counsel)

  • -Option to receive a SAFE exam 

  •  -Can apply for a military or civilian protective order

  • -Can request an expedited transfer or reassignment

  • -Alleged offender may be held accountable under Uniform Code of Military Justice 

The SARC, SAPR Victim Advocate, or Volunteer Victim Advocates, healthcare providers, law enforcement, Office of Special Investigations, or your chain of command can help you file an unrestricted report.

With unrestricted reports, limitations apply. Unrestricted reporting members have the following conditions:

  • -Chain of command is notified

  • -More people, only those with the need-to-know, will know about the sexual assault

  • -Investigation may be intrusive and difficult

An unrestricted report cannot be converted to a restricted report. 

Independent Reporting (Investigation)

If you tell someone who subsequently notifies the chain of command, or if someone observes the assault and notifies command, the report is considered unrestricted and an investigation is launched.

To preserve your right to a restricted report, contact the SARC first.

Note:  Restricted and unrestricted reports have no statute of limitations in the military, and reports can be made at any time. 

In line with Department of Defense standards, the 17th Training Wing is committed to supporting victims, based on the needs and preferences of each individual.