Women’s History Month: Angelic Crawford

  • Published
  • By Captain Nicole Wirth
  • 17th Training Wing

During Women’s History Month we are highlighting outstanding Goodfellow women. These women willingly answered a few questions to share details about their personal journey, as well as thoughts on leadership and success. This week’s highlight is Angelic Crawford, 17th Training Group training administrator. 

What is your Job?    

I have the pleasure of serving as the 17th Training Group training administrator. 

What is the impact of your job here at Goodfellow?   

I represent Team Goodfellow to ensure our training is producing high quality joint service graduates that are prepared to execute all service and field training requirements. 

What female public figure, past or present, inspires you and why? 

Pamela Hesby, my mother, has always inspired me to serve and love others with everything that God has given me, and I strive to do this each and every day. She was definitely a servant leader! 

What qualities make a great female leader? 

I believe great female leaders possess the following qualities: authenticity, service before self, sincere heart for others, the desire to continuously improve/learn, empathy and sympathy, and emotional intelligence. 

What is a piece of advice you can give to women today? 

Don’t let anyone, including yourself, tell you that you can’t accomplish what you have your heart set on, and strive to glorify God each and every day in everything you do, say, think, and feel! 

What is something you would like the next generation to know? 

Don’t discount the wisdom of those around you, no matter their age and background, and be humble enough to seek out their mentoring.  

What was your “dream job” as a kid? 

I wanted to be a teacher!