The Weyandt-Eddy Memorial Plaza dedication ceremony

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Abbey Rieves
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs

The 17th Training Wing hosted a dedication of the Weyandt-Eddy Memorial Plaza at the Norma Brown building, March 25.  

Central to the EC-47 aircraft static display, the plaza was named after retired Chief Master Sgt. Paul. W. Weyandt and retired Lt. Col. David H. Eddy, late EC-47 crew members who served during the Vietnam War. 

During the dedication ceremony, 17th TRW leadership highlighted the significance of the Weyandt-Eddy Memorial Plaza to Goodfellow service members, the local community, and over 200 service connected families from across the nation. 

“It was here at Goodfellow Air Force Base we trained the cryptologists that flew in the EC-47 crews who were instrumental in accomplishing the Air Force mission during the Vietnam War,” said Col. Matthew Reilman, 17th Training Wing commander. “Through the use of airborne radio direction finding, our airmen were able to gather the necessary intelligence about enemy forces, discern their locations and provide targets for our forces.”

The event  highlighted the United States Air Force Security Service and Tactical Air Command and their efforts to fulfill their cryptographic, communication intelligence mission.

“In dedicating this space, we are also memorializing the plaza for Lieutenant Colonel David Eddy and Chief Master Sergeant Paul Weyandt,” continued Reilman. 

Retired Chief Master Sgt. Bill Francis paid tribute to Chief Master Sgt. Paul. W. Weyandt.

“Knowing Paul, he would accept this honor,” said Francis. “Not for himself– but for EC-47 crew members who made the ultimate sacrifice.” 

Mr. Joe Martin, Air Force veteran, paid tribute to Lt. Col. David H. Eddy. 

“This memorial plaza is a wonderful tribute to all veterans past and present,” said Martin. “If Dave Eddy is looking down on us during this ceremony, I think he’s smiling.”

This event supports the intent of the 17th TRW Heritage Campaign Plan, the 17th TRW Historian Strategic Plan, and the 17th TRW Strategic Plan. These plans were designed to foster a professional and team-focused environment that is values-based and founded on Air Force heritage and the Airmen Warrior Ethos among 17th TRW personnel.

The 17th TRW dedicated the Weyandt-Eddy Memorial Plaza to remember the heritage and uphold the legacy of past and current intelligence missions. 

“Although specifically recognizing and memorializing these two individuals, many have served their country in a similar fashion,” said Reilman. “This memorial isn’t just to honor them, but to honor all who serve. Thank you all for coming.”