Housing Morale

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Madison Collier
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs

Staff Sgt. Seraiah Wolf enlisted in 2016 as a photojournalist in the Air Force and was stationed at the 17th Training Wing as her first assignment. There, she became an Airman dorm leader with the 17th Civil Engineer Squadron in 2021.

When Wolf arrived at Goodfellow Air Force Base, she continued to progress as a photojournalist, eventually earning the title of public affairs specialist. When public affairs merged the career fields photojournalism and broadcasting in 2021, she decided to explore other opportunities that would progress her professional career.

After three months of training for her new role as an ADL, Wolf works with permanent party residents on base to ensure a positive quality of life is maintained in on-base dorm housing. Wolf likes to reassure dorm residents that as an ADL, she does more than just calling in work orders.

"We act as mentors outside the chain of command, similar to a first sergeant but more on a peer level," said Wolf. "When we do get to see you, we get to ask about more general life questions like 'How are you doing?'"

Wolf often coordinates events for permanent party residents that cater to hobbies and activities they enjoy, but Wolf keeps herself busy out of the office too.

When Wolf and her husband are not caring for their five dogs, multiple tomcats, small parrot, bunny, and 200-pound pig, they spend most of their time in the sun, enjoying beautiful weather.

"We like to be outdoors,” Wolf said excitedly. "We're going to be breaking out our kayaks and getting into the river, getting inner tubes and going camping, all of that good stuff."

Wolf emphasizes maintaining an excellent work-life balance by getting involved in activities on and off-base when the duty day ends.

"We have dorm events where we just get to hang out, barbecue, and play music," Wolf smiled through her words. "It just kind of shows that yes, we are in the military, and we always represent the military, but there is time to have that downtime and just be you and be a human."

Wolf’s efforts to boost morale by hosting events, being available to her Airmen, and providing engaging resources for events and activities off-base have created an appealing environment for permanent party residents living on Goodfellow.

“Staff Sgt. Seraiah Wolf’s primary duties are to guide, mentor, and lead Airmen,” said Mr. Christopher Doggett, 17th CES housing element chief. “Staff Sgt. Wolf is always looking for new avenues to make things better for her Airmen and to help make Goodfellow Air Force Base a base of choice.”