Goodfellow Conducts Active Shooter Emergency Response Exercise

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  • By 17th Training Wing Public Affairs
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs

Goodfellow Air Force Base Airmen demonstrated total force integration during the most recent active shooter emergency response exercise, Nov. 16.

Exercises are pivotal in aligning all elements on Goodfellow to respond to disasters as a unified command. The 17th Training Wing is committed to maintaining the highest level of preparedness to ensure the safety of its personnel and the local community.

The drill was conducted to test and enhance the response capabilities of the base in the event of a real-world threat.

During the exercise, various scenarios are simulated to emulate the unpredictable nature of an active shooter situation. Base personnel coordinated responses, procedures and communication protocols. The simulation allowed the Wing Inspection Team to evaluate the effectiveness of security measures and identify areas of improvement.

“Repetition of this exercise bolsters the communication and inner workings of our response,” said Marcus Penn, 17th TRW Inspector General. “We repeatedly conduct exercises to identify any loopholes in our operation to ensure that if it ever happens, we are best trained to save lives.”

Col. Christopher Corbett, 17th Training Wing deputy commander, emphasized the significance of conducting regular exercises.

“Exercises such as these are critical in preparing our Airmen for all contingencies,” said Corbett. “That’s a sacred trust we owe the American public.”

Goodfellow’s collaboration fosters a seamless integration of resources in the event of an emergency. Exercises like these enhance and refine Goodfellow’s ability to respond effectively to any security threat by incorporating multiple units into a joint and well-trained response.

“By routinely practicing these scenarios, we not only keep our skills sharp but also cultivate a culture of vigilance and preparedness among our personnel,” said Lt. Col. Joshua Carroll, 17th Civil Engineering Squadron commander. “The goal is to ensure that everyone is well-equipped to respond decisively in high-pressure situations.”