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  • Hispanic Heritage Month: A legacy of history

    America is great for a vast number of reasons and although we can point out many reasons why our country so remarkable, I say we owe our success largely to our diverse backgrounds and culture within our nation.This history of diversity has cast adaptability within our nation while forging the strength our country bears today.The Defense Department,
  • Eliminating stigma: A leadership responsibility

    As a child, a close relative of mine committed suicide. In those days, mental health was only discussed in hushed tones and little support was available. I was shaped by this experience and in my military career, I have tried to create an environment where people feel comfortable discussing their problems and supported in their efforts to seek
  • Online traps for kids: who's really on the other end?

    As parents, we're constantly reminding our children of "stranger danger" in public venues, and now with the technology boom, we often hear the term "internet safety." However, are we really as careful with our children on the internet as we are at the local community center or an amusement park? Nowadays, children are getting their first cell
  • Starting anew, again

    Will we live on or off base? Will we rent or buy? Do we want a townhouse or a single family home? Which neighborhoods are the best to live, close to shopping and good schools? Speaking of, which schools are recommended? What is the weather like at our new station? What will we do on the weekends for fun? What is near the base for visiting or
  • Critical Days of Summer Week 9: Remember to practice water safety

    Are you looking forward to swimming this summer? Are you ready to swim? Preparation is important for all sports activities.One of the best ways to prepare for water safety is to learn how to swim. Learning how to swim can involve little to no equipment unless you're building a pool in your backyard! What can be an expense is learning to swim,