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  • Fighting for something more

    As September 11th approaches, I find myself once again in Afghanistan, this time for a year. This mission is different from the last. Instead of supporting missions to "seek out and destroy the enemy," I am here to train members of the Afghan Air Force on how to do my job, Aircrew Flight Equipment. I am also trying to teach them how to manage their
  • CONSENT: A responsibility shared by all

    What is consent and who has it? These are the most frequently asked questions among our Airmen, and they seem to cause the greatest confusion and uncertainty. The heartening part is young men and women alike want to make sure they have consent before engaging in sexual activity; unfortunately they don't always seem to understand what consent is,
  • Becoming a paralegal

    Interested in the inner workings of the military justice system? Want to assist the prosecution with a court-martial or investigate aircraft incidents? These are just some of the responsibilities of an Air Force paralegal. Paralegals not only get court-martial experience and investigate claims for damage to government property, they also conduct
  • Mentor Leadership - 90 seconds to connect

    While attending the squadron commander's course a few months ago, I had the great opportunity to hear words of wisdom from Chief Master Sgt. James Cody, the Command Chief Master Sergeant for Air Education and Training Command, who left us with many keys and tips for a successful command tour.Here is something he said that left a lasting impression
  • Fight this war

    On Sept. 11, 2001, a tragic day's events set forth the global war on terrorism. If given the opportunity on that day or even today, how many Americans would do what they could to save the lives of our fellow country men and women? Everyone has the opportunity. Every American citizen can help stop the loss of American lives. It doesn't have to come