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  • Sgt. Strong's Story of the Shark Chevy

    There’s a Chevy Camaro on base that you can't miss. Rows of shark teeth branch away from the fender of the front tires. Angry eyes glare back. A cartoon flying tiger trails on the car doors. The low rumble and gunmetal gray glory accentuate the blazing red hood, sizzling under the Texas sun. Tech. Sgt. Stephen Strong, 315th Training Squadron
  • GAFB vet clinic not kitten around

    The Goodfellow veterinarian clinic and Dr. Natasha Idom Allen, 17th Medical Operations Squadron veterinarian, looks to expand their operation and gain new clients.Allen, who’s been practicing for 3 years, treat’s dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and some small rodents.“If your pet is not feeling well or not acting their normal selves, most likely we are
  • Goodfellow 17th Training Wing Student Spotlight for July

    Army Spc. Ashley E. Hall, 316th Training Squadron student, is the newest 17th Training Group Student of the Month Spotlight, a series highlighting Team Goodfellow students.17th Training Wing Public Affairs: What led you to join the military?Hall: In high school, I was in junior ROTC. I was really into it. I liked the discipline. I liked how there
  • The Iron Maiden

    “The iron never lies to you. The iron will always kick you the real deal. The iron is the great reference point, the all-knowing perspective giver. Always there like a beacon in the pitch black. I have found the iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go, but two hundred pounds is always two
  • Just a Helping Hand

    The calm, controlled voice of an emergency line operator drifted through the earpiece of the Airman’s cellphone notifying him that they would send emergency responders to his location as soon as they could. He quickly hung up the phone and ran back to scene.2nd Lt. Nathan A Wikowsky, 315th Training Squadron student stationed at Goodfellow AFB, had
  • Airmen serve the San Angelo Community Band

    Bases and their surrounding communities throughout the DoD often share a bond so strong that it often transcends the gate between base and local area. For Goodfellow Air Force Base and San Angelo, the bond shows itself in numerous ways. From Goodfellow Appreciation day, where the community invites military members to a free lunch in the park, to
  • Strong Body, Stronger Mind

    Building resiliency not only involves working out the mind, it also requires working out the body. This not only means staying active, but pushing yourself to the next level.For 1st Lt. Morgan Diglia, 17th Training Wing Sexual Assault Response Coordinator deputy, pushing herself mentally and physically through triathlons has become her
  • Goodfellow 17th Training Wing Student Spotlight

    Airman 1st Class Alan Gagnon, 315th Training Squadron student, is the newest 17th Training Group student of the month spotlight, a series highlighting Team Goodfellow students.17th Training Wing Public Affairs: What led you to join the Air Force?Gagnon: I graduated college as a music major, and decided that wasn’t what I wanted to do as a career.
  • Goodfellow 17th Training Wing Spotlight

    Staff Sgt. Amber Wells, 17th Medical Support Squadron diagnostic imaging technician, is the newest 17th Training Wing Spotlight, a series highlighting Goodfellow Team members.Staff Sgt. Michael Smith, 17th Training Wing photojournalist: What led you to join the Air Force?Wells: My grandpa is a retired master sergeant and prompted me to enlist… he
  • All together now

    Synchronization comes in many forms. It can be an important component in life, in which everything happens seamlessly and falls into place. In the absence of unison, life can become chaotic, unpredictable and even dangerous.Drill teams are unison perpetuated, and the 316th Training Squadron drill team re-embodies it. The entire art of drill relies