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  • RQ-4 Global Hawk: Its purpose at Goodfellow

    Unmanned aircraft systems have been a pivotal innovation for collecting data in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions in the Air Force. Among them is the RQ-4 Global Hawk.According to the Air Force RQ-4 Global Hawk fact sheet, this high-altitude, long-endurance aircraft reaches up to 60,000 feet and can stay airborne for over 28
  • Caught in a whirlwind

    Not many people understand what it is like to be caught in the middle of a tragic situation; however, Airman 1st Class Dillon M. Duermyer can relate.At the age of 13, Duermyer was faced with an unfortunate scenario. During Pahuk Pride National Youth Leadership Training at the Little Sioux Scout Ranch in Iowa, he and his fellow Boy Scouts found
  • Coming full circle

    What began as a little boy's dream has now become a young man's reality.According to his mother Sharon Carey, who was stationed here from 1997 to 1999, Nicholas O'Keefe wanted to play softball since he was 2 years old.In a photo taken in 1997, a 2-year-old O'Keefe stands on the sidelines holding a ball that belonged to then Tech. Sgt. Darrell
  • What is a Key Spouse?

    Key Spouses are trained volunteers that provide personal, peer-to-peer support for their squadron's families.Their role is to act as a liaison between families, commanders and first sergeants as well as to care for families by providing them with information from their squadron's leadership about events, programs and other available resources
  • Gone Fishin’

    A hobby that takes your mind off of work is something everyone should have. For Senior Airman Travis E. Hill, 17th Communications Squadron focal point technician, that hobby just happens to be over 40,000 years old.Fishing dates back in human culture to the Paleolithic era as a way of survival. Today, people all around the world take part in
  • Critical Days of Summer week 4: thinking before drinking

    The Critical Days of Summer have arrived, so has the beautiful weather to go out and enjoy! Each week the 17th Training Wing Safety Office will be sending out information to educate and inform all base personnel in specific areas. From doing a task the first time to doing something consistently for years, adding alcohol to any situation can make
  • PCSing CONUS this summer?

    The Defense Department expects the largest volume of requests for property movement from May 1 to July 31 due to the increase in Permanent Change of Stations, impacting several transportation offices here. Because of the peak in summer moves, the entire DOD is competing with the private sector to secure Transportation Service Providers to pack and
  • DFACs serve thousands daily

    A team of dining facility employees serve four meals a day to thousands of students and permanent party here, totaling approximately one million meals every year.According to the Air Force Services Food Service mission statement, these employees work to ensure the DFACs provide wholesome and nutritious meals at all Force Support feeding operations,
  • Training through a student's eyes

    As a training base, part of Goodfellow's mission is to "develop exceptional fire protection professionals for America and Her allies," but Airman 1st Class Bradley Jenkins is more than just the average student. This 312th Training Squadron student bears a yellow rope on his left shoulder, signifying his ability to lead other Airmen while still
  • Join Patriotic Blue: Goodfellow's a cappella group

    Patriotic Blue is a vocal group comprised of Goodfellow members, from all branches of service, whom sing the national anthem and other patriotic pieces at ceremonies and events.The group formed in 2009 when a few individuals auditioned to sing the national anthem at a wing change of command ceremony. Instead, the individuals came together to sing