• 17 MDOS member named 2nd AFNCO of the Quarter

    Staff Sgt. Jason Cuevas, a member of the 17th Medical Operations Squadron, was recognized by 2nd Air Force as the NCO of the Quarter for January through March. "I was very excited to find out about the award. I've never received an award at that level before," said Sgt. Cuevas. "We were all very proud of Sgt. Cuevas' achievement. He's part of the
  • Air Force Web-Based Health Assessment used for Air Force Periodic Health Assessments (PHA)

    The Air Force is once again leveraging technology as a means of ensuring a medically ready fighting force. An important part of medical readiness is the Periodic Health Assessment, which every Airman must complete once a year. In the past this has involved a visit to the clinic and an interview with a medical technician. If any new health problems
  • TRICARE and your child's oral health

    Losing one's teeth is not a normal process of aging. With that said, bright and healthy smiles should last a lifetime. In order to preserve these smiles, good oral hygiene must be maintained throughout life, and early prevention is the key to promoting proper dental care. In an effort to support this promotion of oral health, the TRICARE Dental
  • Airman wins trip to Las Vegas

    Senior Airman Brandi Giles, a contract administrator with the 17th Contracting Squadron, won a trip to Las Vegas on a radio contest July 31. "I'd been calling in for about a month and never got through," said Airman Giles, whose persistence paid off that morning, as she was on her way to work. "I was using my cell phone's handsfree-set when I made