• Never Forget

    Team Goodfellow members share their memories of September 11, 2001.Staff Sgt. Jonathan Kidd, 312th Training Squadron:I was waiting for my mom to get ready for work and for her to take me to school, 4th grade. I was getting ready to walk out the door when my mom screamed at the TV, she had seen the first tower pushing out smoke. I was pretty young
  • Goodfellow celebrates Women's Equality Day

    Goodfellow service members celebrated Women’s Equality Day with food and questions for a leadership panel at the Taylor Chapel on Goodfellow Aug. 24.Hosted by one of Goodfellow’s tenant units, the Army’s 344th Military Intelligence Battalion, the event started with a reading from “How Women won the Vote” by Robert P. J. Cooney, Jr. Highlighting the
  • Goodfellow honors Master Sgt. John Chapman’s memory

    Goodfellow service members came together to honor Master Sgt. John Chapman, combat controller, with several events from Aug. 22 to 24.Chapman sacrificed his own life to preserve the lives of his teammates during the Battle of Takur Ghar, Afghanistan, on March 4, 2002. He was posthumously award the Medal of Honor and promoted to master
  • Goodfellow celebrates its staff sergeant selects

    The 17th Training Wing came together to celebrate its newest NCOs at the Staff Sergeant Release Party at the Event Center Aug. 22.Staff sergeants are expected to be highly skilled technicians with supervisory and training responsibilities. They must continuously strive to further their development as technicians, supervisors and leaders through on-