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  • Mission-focused SPINSTRA vigilant through pandemic

    312th Training Squadron Special Instruments Training course photo story
  • Goodfellow launches Diversity and Inclusion Team

    The military has made great strides with diversity and inclusion, and we are making continual progress. 17th Training Wing Violence Prevention Integrator, Donna Casey, is starting a Diversity and Inclusion Team on Goodfellow; their purpose is to identify and remove any barriers that might unfairly impact our service members.
  • 17th Training Wing Spotlight

    This spotlight features Staff Sgt. Austin Gooding, 313th Training Squadron intelligence instructor from Mt. Sterling, Illinois. He is responsible for three courses at the Intelligence Training Center as well as the project manager for the development of an exercise operations floor and the facility manager. He enjoys all outdoor activities, spending time with his family and reading.
  • 17th Training Wing Commander's Call - July 29, 2 p.m.

    Colonel Nazario, Colonel Finlayson and Chief Boomershine will be hosting a 17th Training Wing Commander's Call on Wednesday 29 July at 2 p.m. local time. The Commander's Call will be broadcast via Zoom and address how the Wing is “Continuing to Thrive During COVID.”