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  • Cadets Complete Annual Field Training

    Angelo State University Air Force ROTC cadets completed their annual field training exercise at Goodfellow, April 25.The cadets were given various scenarios where they put their knowledge of first aid and combat readiness to the test. They learned how to administer first aid in the field and trained alongside Goodfellow’s Marine students who played
  • Fun in the sun on Sports Day

    Goodfellow celebrated Sports Day for students and permanent party members to unwind and relax with some healthy competition with events going on all day at the Mathis Fitness Center, April 5.Groups participated in events such as Ultimate Frisbee, basketball, kickball, volleyball and a firetruck pull. The top four squadrons who received the most
  • February Student of the Month

    The Student of the Month awards and Rope of the Month award are handed out by 17th Training Group leadership each month. The Student of the Month award is given to one outstanding student from each squadrons, who were selected and voted for by the students and instructors of their respective squadron. As for the Rope of the Month award, it is
  • Signing checks and hiking fields; deployed contracting exercise at Fort Sill

    Contracting Airmen work to save the Air Force money by using smart spending techniques to get the best supplies possible at the lowest price. When contracting Airmen deploy, they fall back on their operational contracting support training.