• 9S100’s Nuclear detection: can’t hide from science

    “We use science and technology to exploit our enemies,” said Staff Sgt. Christian Bufford, 312th Training Squadron SPINSTRA instructor. “You can’t hide science. If the enemy is doing something underground, it will create seismic waves. If the enemy is doing something nuclear above ground, it will

  • 315th TRS graduates ISR professionals for future multi-domain operations

    Not all messages are random. Adversaries prey on faults in the metadata info-structure, searching for vulnerabilities, like a crack in the dam.This is Information Warfare. The Department of Defense combats information warfare by building a joint service and an international allied coalition of

  • Tactical Signals Intelligence exercise trains joint coalition warriors

    Army students from Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Company duck and cover as the grand finale of their Tactical Signals Intelligence exercise unfolds on FOB Sentinel. Soldiers immerse themselves in a mock environment stacked with simulated adversary-enhanced components the 17th Training Wing leverages to