Tag: Department of Defense
  • DOD fire academy trains vertical ventilation

    Joint services collaborate in vertical ventilation training simulations at the Louis F. Garland Department of Defense Fire Academy here, Dec. 10.
  • SPINSTRA powers Air Force science

    “One of the things our schoolhouse teaches is the necessary skills to innovate, operate, and maintain the U.S.’s primary nuclear weapons detonation and proliferation detection systems,” said Tech. Sgt. David Hunt, 312th TRS instructor. “ … Which is a fancy way of saying that we are highly trained technicians who specialize in detecting radioactive events around the world.”
  • First Space Force intelligence officer to train at GAFB

    The first U.S. Space Force intelligence officer, 2nd Lt. Samuel Pisney, is scheduled to attend the Air Force’s 14N1 Intelligence Officer course in September, here on Goodfellow Air Force Base.
  • Town Hall Q&A July Update

    There is nothing more important than the health and welfare of Goodfellow and the local community. Wing leadership is working with base subject matter experts and community partners of San Angelo and surrounding areas to synchronize efforts. Goodfellow is also diligently working to share information as fast as possible and actively seeking solutions to help mitigate national leadership’s decision impacts. We will continuously update this article to reflect new questions and concerns. Many questions were fielded and comments made on the following: