Tag: 312th Training Squadron
  • Never Forget

    Goodfellow AFB held a ceremony, hosted the 312th Training Squadron, to commemorate the events of 9/11 at the Louis F. Garland Department of Defense Fire Academy here, Sept. 11.
  • SPINSTRA powers Air Force science

    “One of the things our schoolhouse teaches is the necessary skills to innovate, operate, and maintain the U.S.’s primary nuclear weapons detonation and proliferation detection systems,” said Tech. Sgt. David Hunt, 312th TRS instructor. “ … Which is a fancy way of saying that we are highly trained technicians who specialize in detecting radioactive events around the world.”
  • Tom Smith Fire Equipment DOD Fire Academy Instructor OTY

    Goodfellow fire academy instructors were awarded the Tom Smith Fire Equipment Department of Defense Fire Academy Instructor of the Year here, June 5.
  • May Student of the Month

    Congratulations to the Student of the Month winners for May.