Tag: Presidio of Monterey
  • Starting on the right page

    Renovations and a rework of how students are introduced to the world of Cryptologic Language Analysists is underway at the Presidio of Monterey, and it is being led by two of its senior enlisted members.
  • Finding the best linguist for the job

    The Defense Language Institute is helping recruiters find higher quality linguists by providing the recruiters the tools and information they need to help spot potential linguists and streamline their process.
  • The rewards and challenges of being a first sergeant

    Three years may feel like a long time, depending on what is happening, but for Chief Master Sgt. James Curtis, 311th Training Squadron first sergeant, time has sped by thanks to the members of the 311th TRS who made his time at Presidio of Monterey an enjoyably bittersweet and enlightening opportunity.
  • You are what you speak

    It has been said that you are truly fluent in a language when you think in it, but the Presidio of Monterey shows that to truly know a language you need to know its culture, and they showcased this during Language Day on May 10.