Tag: NCO
  • Airman Leadership School Class 21-C graduates

    Congratulations to the Airmen of Class 21-C, who graduated Airman Leadership School here, April 1.
  • Congratulations 2020 Annual Awards winners!

    Goodfellow leadership traveled around base to present the 2020 Annual Award winners here, March 5. Award nominees received their medallions from squadron or group leadership prior to the delivery of the winner’s awards.
  • Air Force announces Airmen leadership qualities

    The Airman leadership qualities are expected to form the basis for the future officer and enlisted performance reporting systems. The alignment between evaluating units and evaluating Airmen is intended to further emphasize and accelerate an understanding and adoption of the associated leadership qualities.
  • Education opens doors to opportunity

    During my 35 years of active duty service, I have witnessed a steady increase in the amount of college experience that our enlisted folks are receiving before raising their right hand to serve in today’s United States military.