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  • Connected through cultures

    It may seem intimidating to open up your home to a complete stranger, but it could result in a rewarding experience. Tech. Sgt. Traci Lara experienced how rewarding it can be to learn about other cultures with her family. When Lara was 28 years old, her parents hosted a foreign exchange student from Nonsan, South Korea.
  • Air Force Global Housing Symposium aims to correct housing issues

    “Families First” is the mantra behind the Air Force’s Housing Privatization program improvement plan which is taking front and center attention at the Air Force’s Global Housing Symposium, which kicked off May 7, in downtown San Antonio.
  • Cadets Complete Annual Field Training

    Angelo State University Air Force ROTC cadets completed their annual field training exercise at Goodfellow, April 25.The cadets were given various scenarios where they put their knowledge of first aid and combat readiness to the test. They learned how to administer first aid in the field and trained alongside Goodfellow’s Marine students who played
  • Policy changes for Post-9/11 GI Bill transfers

    Additional changes to the Post-9/11 GI Bill Transfer of Benefits policy were announced Nov. 14, 2018. The Department of Defense postponed their previous effective date of July 12, 2018, to July 12, 2019. Since the policy change was effective immediately, service members who were previously eligible found themselves ineligible to transfer their benefits. To ensure issues were addressed fairly, the effective date was pushed back a year.