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Default Air Force Logo Starting anew, again
Will we live on or off base? Will we rent or buy? Do we want a townhouse or a single family home? Which neighborhoods are the best to live, close to shopping and good schools? Speaking of, which schools are recommended? What is the weather like at our new station? What will we do on the weekends for fun? What is near the base for visiting or
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During the 2014 Critical Days of Summer it is important to understand the potential hazards while going to the beach. Swimmers should remain vigilant of tides and currents, as well as changing flag conditions before entering the water. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Laura Valentine/Released) Critical Days of Summer Week 9: Remember to practice water safety
Are you looking forward to swimming this summer? Are you ready to swim? Preparation is important for all sports activities.One of the best ways to prepare for water safety is to learn how to swim. Learning how to swim can involve little to no equipment unless you're building a pool in your backyard! What can be an expense is learning to swim,
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GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas--According to research, humans report a wide range of neurobiological rewards following moderate and intense aerobic activity, also referred to as the “runner’s high”, which can encourage habitual aerobic exercise. (U.S. Air Force Illustration/ Senior Airman Michael Smith) Chasing the high
I hear it all the time "I hate running." To be honest, I didn't like it too much either until five years ago when it was taken away from me. My only goals back then were to run track for Clemson University and make it to the Olympics; it consumed me. I pushed myself to train six days a week even through shin splints. Then, before I knew it, I had
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Default Air Force Logo Through Airmen's Eyes -- Language Enabled Airman Builds Partnerships with Kazakh Military
Kazakhstan. Until operations kicked off in Afghanistan in 2001, this country wasn't at the top of the locations of strategic importance to the United States. Since that time, Kazakhstan has steadily grown in regional importance and as an international security player. They have evolved as a nation and have matured as a military. As a participant in
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In 1949, Marine Corps Col. Katherine A. Towle, first Director of Women Marines, trained the first platoon of female Marines. (courtesy photo) The Strive for Acceptance
Congratulations to Marine Corps Sgt. James Hayes, Marine Corps Detachment, for winning the Top 3's essay contest on Women of Honor. This is the article he submitted.One of the most powerful female recruiting posters of all time was introduced during World War II. "Be a Marine, Free a Marine to Fight" was publicized to the world displaying a very
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SAN ANGELO, Texas – Jack Hodges, a competitor in the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo tries to bring down a bull during the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo’s Military Appreciation Night at the Foster Communication Coliseum here Feb. 26. There were several other events that night including calf roping, bareback horse riding, girl’s barrel racing and more. (U.S. Air Force photo/ Airman 1st Class Breonna Veal) Thrill of the eight-second ride
It's not Christmas; it's not my birthday; it's rodeo. The count down 10, 9, ... , 3, 2, 1, and the rodeo starts. I've seen it many times, and it never fails to get my adrenaline going. For some, the lure of the rodeo is the carnivals or the concerts. For me, it's the riders, the ropers and the wrestlers. We may not be Houston, San Antonio or the
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Members from MacDill Air Force Base, Fla., ride their motorcycles during a motorcycle safety, mentoring, and Combined Federal Campaign awareness ride Nov. 1, 2013. More than 60 members from MacDill came together to emphasize motorcycle safety, build camaraderie between members of Team MacDill and provide a kickoff event for the CFC. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Ned T. Johnston/Released) How many motorcycles did you see today?
For people who don't own or know anyone who owns a motorcycle, they tend to be overlooked while driving around town. Motorcycles have a smaller profile and as a driver in a larger profile vehicle approaches, it seems slower. If you don't ride or associate with anyone that does, I'd like you to do me a favor: count how many motorcycles you see while
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Default Air Force Logo A New Air Force
Undoubtedly, our Air Force is never stronger than when tested. This time, however, the threat we contend with isn't physical, but fiscal. The inelegant mechanics of sequestration are unrelenting and indiscriminate. The austere budget cuts that lie before us will gradually unveil a new Air Force; one with questionable manning, reduced inventory and
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A batch of Valentine’s Day cards made by children at the installation’s child development and youth centers await delivery to residents of The Pines, a retirement community, in Goldsboro, N.C., Feb. 14, 2012. Airmen and 4th Fighter Wing key spouses spent Valentine’s Day socializing with retired veterans, their spouses and members of local retirement communities as part of the Valentines for Vets program. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Tammie Moore/Released) Have a safe, enjoyable Valentine’s Day
Valentine's Day is one of the few "officially recognized" romantic times of the year to share with a special someone.Some people go to dinner; others buy candies and cards; even a select few may decide to surprise their love interest with a big thoughtful night."I just have normal Valentine's Day plans," said Airman 1st Class April Schmoe, 17th
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Getting back to basics can save lives (Illustration by Felicia M. Hall) Better safe than sorry!
Sure, it's an easy line to say, but are you practicing it? More importantly, are you supervising or being supervised with that mindset? As a friend or co-worker, caring about each other's well-being is incidental to that military family membership, but as a supervisor, it's a responsibility. Protecting your personnel in the workplace isn't
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