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  • The Lessons of a Time Honored Tradition

    No matter the sport, those who play share an acute understanding of the sacrifice, commitment, resiliency, teamwork and determination needed to be part of a winning team. Many also understand the valuable lessons that failure teaches us.
  • Motivating the Motivators

    As the commander of the 315th Training Squadron, I am honored to serve with world class instructors, military training leaders and support staff as they train, develop, and inspire the future leaders of our Air Force. Instructors and MTLs, like all supervisors in the Air Force, have the incredibly important task of motivating their subordinates and
  • An open letter to Vietnam veterans

    Dear Vietnam Veterans,I feel a deep connection to all of you. I am a Vietnamese adoptee, born in Vinh Long, Vietnam. In 1975, with the fall of Saigon imminent, President Gerald Ford sanctioned a humanitarian effort to mass evacuate thousands of orphans to their adoptive families throughout the world. This historical operation was known as Operation
  • Marine Corps 242nd Birthday

    Every summer the U.S. Marine Corps begins preparing for its annual birthday ball.  Marines reserve their seats, sharpen their uniforms, and for those given the privilege of participating in the ceremony, rehearse their roles.  The significance of Nov. 10 originates back to the turbulent year of 1775 when the Second Continental Congress resolved to
  • Don’t drop the ball

    As military service members, our careers inherently make prioritizing our work and personal time difficult. With all that our service duties entail, we have to make a concerted effort to find time for ourselves. Whether the time is for family, spiritual growth, friends, or leisure it’s important to keep everything in focus. To achieve balance, we need to distinguish what we value in our personal lives, while still accomplishing the mission and being successful in the workplace.