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  • What Comprehensive Airman Fitness means to me

    Comprehensive Airman Fitness is an Air Force-wide initiative based on improving Airman readiness by solidifying the four pillars of CAF: Mental, Physical, Social and Spiritual.
  • Managing risk

    A few years ago, I worked with the United States Forest Service as a Safety Officer for a large national forest in Idaho. The forest was substantial and the hazards of logging operations, trail breaking, ranger district maintenance and of course, massive amounts of “windshield time” (driving) were prevalent. Mega-risk was continuous day in and day
  • The Leadership Laboratory

    Leadership seems to be the answer to everything! When things go right…to some extent a person would say, “it was because of great leadership.” However, if something was to go terribly wrong, it is ultimately the responsibility of leadership, hence, their fault. And how would you fix or repair a problem? Of course, with good leadership!
  • My Air Force Career (Part One)

    With only the luggage for the trip on my back and thoughts of what may be awaiting me, I gave a little wave and set off on the first steps that would propel me towards a life-changing journey.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    Although Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a day off, we challenge you to view it as a day on, a day to look back on the way things were just a mere 60 years ago.