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  • Professional Development: Every Airman has a role

    The Oxford Dictionary defines professional development as “the development of competence or expertise in one's profession.”  In the Profession of Arms, this ranges from occupational skills or technical expertise in one’s career field to institutional competencies, which are key to providing the agility necessary to operate successfully in a
  • Being Awesome Airmen

    I don’t claim to be awesome. My authority to write on this topic is owed to the great honor and privilege of working with awesome Airmen over the years. While names have been changed to respect privacy, the following anecdotes provide examples of awesomeness we can emulate.Awesome Airmen believe in themselves. Senior Airman Jones timidly showed up
  • Nine Wicket

    Here’s an interesting tidbit.  Croquet was an Olympic sport just one time all the way back in 1900.  Three people signed up for the event and one person purchased a ticket.  After that croquet never returned.  Honestly, where can you learn this type of interesting minutia?  The Monthly Safety Message!Personally my workout regimen is supplemented by
  • Five more minutes

    As leaders and wingmen, it is imperative that we make time for our Airmen. If you say you have an “open-door-policy” make sure you are living up to your part of that deal and that the saying is not a cliché. Our Airmen go through a myriad of life stressors and sometimes need to talk. On the other hand, sometimes they just want career advice or just to bend your ear -- but you never know unless YOU listen. There is nothing so important that you can’t spare five minutes of your time to listen. You actually might just save a life. It is said that smart people learn from their mistakes, wise people learn from other’s mistakes… Be wise.
  • From trainee to Airman (Career part two)

    As I sat on the plane bound for a place where I imagined I would be challenged and pushed to my limits, I contemplated what awaited me at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. The next step on my journey to a new life. I was on my way to Basic Military Training. Everything I needed, until my first clothing issue, sat under my chair. “Just