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  • In five seconds

    What can you do in five seconds?  In five seconds, the average person blinks once.  Every five seconds, 500,000 chemical reactions have taken place in every single cell of your body.  Every five seconds, 17 million emails are sent worldwide. Every five seconds, about 21 babies are born in the world. Five seconds mattered on June 9, 1990, to Officer
  • Profession of Arms: A Family Business

    “Why do you want to join the military?” I sat and contemplated this question as I began to write my essay for an Air Force ROTC scholarship. A host of reasons flew through my head; patriotism, commitment, service before self.  While all true, none of these really stuck as the singular reason I was joining. After much reflection, I was able to put
  • The birth of an army

    On June 14, 1775, the Second Continental Congress formally established an American Continental Army.  Their order authorized the establishment of ten light infantry companies of 80 soldiers each.  These companies formed the 1st Continental Regiment and augmented the roughly 27,000 citizen soldiers serving with state militias during the American
  • Cool rider, cool ride

    Nothing looks better than seeing someone ride by on their motorcycle. For myself, I ride any chance I get. Growing up in California was the perfect weather for riding year-round. Not too hot, not too cold. In Texas however, I now have to keep the weather in mind when I go out to ride. With the weather heating up to around 102 degrees on average,
  • Continuing the journey, finishing training

    I had done it. I had doubted I could for a minute, but I had graduated U.S. Air Force Basic Military Training. I could feel the weight of my Airman’s coin in my pocket as proof. These were the thoughts running through my mind as I sat outside of the building that I had been staying in for the last week of training. The large group of trainees