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Default Air Force Logo Always be Prepared
On Jan. 12 a devastating natural disaster struck near the heavily populated area of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The effects of the earthquake were staggering to a populace already known as the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Shortly after the earthquake, Goodfellow was asked for volunteers to deploy in support of the humanitarian assistance
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Default Air Force Logo Are you bringing your wingman down?
Never underestimate the power of your example. A recent article in Wired Magazine titled "The Buddy System: How Medical Data Revealed Secret to Health and Happiness" detailed a famous research study that took place in Farmington, Mass. The initial purpose of the 1948 study was to determine what factors were most likely to lead to heart disease. As
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Goodfellow AFB pipeline dormitories.  (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. John Barton) Is Goodfellow getting a facelift?
Goodfellow facelift? You might think so given all the heavy construction equipment around the base. Seriously, we have been burning the candle at both ends to take advantage of the record funding levels that we have enjoyed over the last two years. Let me take a few minutes to tell you about the most visible projects right now and explain why we
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Default Air Force Logo Civilians Doing Base Security: Who Are They?
Who are those civilians standing at our gates and driving our Security Forces patrol cars? Prior to 9/11 we solely used military Security Forces to guard our installation. However, due to an overwhelming deployment tempo, the Air Force needed to augment the Security Forces defending home station bases. For a couple of years, the Army provided entry
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Default Air Force Logo Cyber Warriors
When we hear the term "Cyber Warrior" some may envision a room full of computers with wall-to-wall geeks proudly sitting in front of their computers thrashing out scores of binary code, focused on saving the world's network from certain doom and defending us against the evil 'Hackers of Endor', or something like that.The reality is that each and
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Default Air Force Logo Who Are You Going To Call?
The 58 men and women of the 17th Logistics Readiness Squadron stay engaged to ensure and everyone at Goodfellow Air Force Base receives the logistics support you need to achieve your part of the mission. I continually challenge each of our logistics professionals to find ways to make our processes smarter, faster, cheaper and safer for us and our
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Default Air Force Logo Contractor Recognition
A vendor's past performance is a record of the work they have done both good and bad. Sometimes the 17th Contracting Squadron runs into past performance issues on contracts because of conflicting information. This happens when a squadron provides a vendor with an award of achievement without coordinating with quality assurance personnel. Quality
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Default Air Force Logo It’s in good hands
Where is my Air Force going? What are we doing? What are these young people thinking? How do I reach them? These are all questions that in the last few years I have heard in numerous conversations from various locations from top leadership down. My answer to them is, don't's in good hands.Throughout Air Force history previous leadership
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Default Air Force Logo U.S. Navy – 101 Years of Global Reach
One hundred and one years ago this week, on Feb. 22, 1909, the "Great White Fleet" entered Hampton Roads, completing a 14-month voyage around the world. President Theodore Roosevelt was on hand to welcome the fleet as it entered the Virginia roadstead. The 16 new battleships together with provisioning and support ships had departed Hampton Roads
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Default Air Force Logo A Change Will Do You Good
Last week, Lt. Col. David Zemkosky told you about some changes coming in the 17th Medical Group. I would like to explain more about one of those changes, the Family Health Initiative and the Patient Centered Medical Home. The Department of Defense, the Air Force Medical Service and even civilian medical care are moving toward the Patient Centered
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