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  • Remembering our fallen service members

    Many of us have seen the vacant Prisoner of War and Missing in Action table set for one at dining facilities or at banquets. We've seen the white tablecloth, the single red rose, the yellow ribbon, lemon slice, sprinkled salt, inverted glass, empty chair and burning candle. But how many of us know what this traditional table and each of these items
  • Professional relationships, unprofessional relationships and why they matter

    Retired Navy Rear Adm. Grace Murray Hopper, Naval Data Automation Command Assistant to the Commander, once said: "You manage things, you lead people."The joint force is made up of various systems and people, and as leaders in the armed forces, we're charged to make the best use of the resources allotted to us. A relationship is a neutral tool which
  • Being a Good Wingman

    We've heard talk about being a good wingman and how it relates to safety, time and time again.Is it valid? The answer may depend upon your perspective; perspective in this case, meaning whether or not you've experienced the death or injury of a family member, friend or co-worker due to a safety mishap. If you've never been through the horror of
  • On that road again…

    Taking a trip can take a lot of forethought and preparation. How many miles is the final destination? How many stops are you going to make? Is it an overnight trip? Snacks or food stops? Are there restaurants in the area where you plan on stopping? Are you hitting a major city in the early morning or later afternoon? How far can your gas last in
  • If it isn't you, it's the person next to you

    "Hey sexy... you single?"I turned to see a fellow Airman in training; standing about 5 foot 8 inches tall, dark hair and eyes. Over the next four months, I heard this fellow classmate repeat the same line more than a couple dozen times.It wasn't just me he had an eye for; it was a handful of my new girlfriends as well. We laughed it off. All of us