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  • The Importance of Solitude

    "Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence".DesiderataFormer 17th Medical Support Squadron Commander, Lt. Col. Tyler Sanders, came to me and asked to discuss the personal development plan he'd crafted for himself as part of an Air War College project. In the plan, he illustrated what he believed his
  • Frederick the Great's Leadership Lessons Still Applicable 300 Years Later

    Frederick II was born in Berlin in 1712, son of King Frederick William I. As a boy he was drawn to arts and sciences rather than war and politics, but after ascending to his father's throne he demonstrated a brilliant military mind while uniting scattered territories to build Prussia into a formidable European power. He came to be called "Frederick
  • A Leader Knows...

    A friend of mine and fellow squadron commander recently recommended that I watch a presentation that our incoming Chief of Staff, Gen. Mark Welsh, gave to Squadron Officers School several years ago. My friend had warned me that it was not a short video, almost 90 minutes, but that it would be well worth the time. I'll be honest, when I sat down to
  • Life Lessons from a Goodfellow legend

    Growing up the son of an F-4 Phantom II fighter pilot, I can't tell you how many stories I've heard about legendary fighter pilots and their heroics. Even today, I get regular updates on warriors like Texas legend Oliver "Ollie" Crawford, flying his shark-tooth painted, Commemorative Air Force P-40 Warhawk form air show to air show. But it wasn't
  • Why do we remember the Holocaust?

    The U.S. Congress has established this week, April 15-22, as our annual Days of Remembrance, a time to commemorate the atrocities of the Holocaust. During this somber week of remembrance, we remember the victims and honor the survivors of the Nazi's systematic persecution and annihilation of six million European Jews from 1933-1945. Throughout this