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  • 'Greening-up' makes cents

    In a previous commentary, I touched on the value of "ownership" - the idea that we each own a piece of the Air Force and should endeavor to build its success. Well, Earth Day is right around the corner, and it presents an opportunity to take pride in ownership. Earth Day, occurring on April 22 this year, is often celebrated by planting trees,
  • Tigger-like attitude

    Tigger had it right! There is no better attitude than his to exemplify the word resilience. Tigger bounces around with a positive attitude constantly singing and enjoying every moment the day has to offer. One of his favorite songs to sing is a perfect example of the resiliency that Tigger displays: The most wonderful thing about Tiggers, is
  • DWT is the new DWI

    Nearly 6,000 people are killed and half a million injured every year because of being distracted while driving. Compare this figure to 10,000 people being killed every year because of driving drunk. While most are familiar with the death and destruction caused by DWIs, some choose to ignore the impact that Driving While Texting or Talking (DWT) has
  • Cyber culture and continued transformation

    It may be hard to believe but it was just over six years ago in December 2005 that the Air Force unveiled a new mission statement in response to a dynamic environment that had changed dramatically over almost six decades for our service. A significant addition to the mission statement was the Air Force's validation of cyberspace as an operational
  • Promotions

    There comes a time in most people's career where we have to think about what we've accomplished, what we'd like to accomplish and when it's time to consider moving on. Getting promoted in the military is not automatic and requires recurring commitment by those who strive to continually progress up the ranks. Some Airmen believe promotions are based