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  • Competing Priorities

    We all have competing priorities in our daily routine. Multitasking is not new, nor is the concept of do more with less, budget and manpower cuts or being told to just get it done. I believe Gen. Stephen Lorenz, the commander of the Air Education and Training Command, said it best at the AETC Squadron Commander's Course, "We can do anything, but we
  • Bringing back the ‘Victory Garden’

    During WWII, the entire nation had to come together to achieve victory. Mandatory rationing was the norm to allow the government to ship needed supplies to troops in the field. One example of how this was accomplished was the "Victory Garden." Every family was encouraged to grow a garden for fresh vegetables so the government could make the most of
  • A lesson in driving safety

    It was December of 2005 when I got into my first car accident. I was traveling down Carter Avenue in my hometown of Pawtucket in Rhode Island. Carter Avenue happened to be the very street I live on. Looking back now I suppose the old adage about most vehicle accidents occurring within one mile of a person's home was dead on accurate for my case. A
  • The Air Force Wife Handbook

    At the beginning of my marriage to my husband, he gave me a little gift. It wasn't pearls or diamonds, it was a book - The Air Force Wife Handbook - A Complete Social Guide. I contemplated throwing it at him and seeing how I played college softball, I knew I had a good chance of knocking him out. However, after several attempts to reason with me, I
  • Winter driving: small things make a difference

    On Jan 10 I, like everyone else reporting late to base, carefully made my through snow and slush to the base gate. As my ID card was being checked, the gate guard pointed out that my left rear tire was a little low. I thought to myself that since it was still 15 minutes before reporting time, I should stop by the base gas station for air on the