Who is authorized to enter Goodfellow AFB?

Anyone with a current valid Department of Defense ID card, or valid base pass is allowed on base.  For special events or large scale functions, Security Forces may require an Entry Authorization List (EAL) for base visitor entry.  Contact Security Forces at (325) 654-3504 for further information about entry procedures. 


How can I get a phone number for a base agency?


If the number is not listed, Goodfellow AFB does not have a base operator system in place.  However, if you contact the Command Post at (325) 654-3558, the Airman & Family Readiness Center at (325) 654-3893, or Security Forces at (325) 654-3504.


Where can I find civilian employment opportunities for Goodfellow AFB

All civilian employment opportunities on base are listed at the below website(s): 

Air Force Personnel Center

Furthermore, contact the A&FRC Spouse Employment Program Manager at (325) 654-3893 for employment resources and information.


I’m attending a graduation on Goodfellow AFB, how can I get access to the base?

Contact the base Visitor Center at (325) 654-4122 for information on gaining access to the base.


I need to get a new common access card (CAC), what is the procedure for this?

Contact the Military Personnel Section (MPS) at (325) 654-1801 for assistance.


I am retired military, where can I find out information about recreational and dining facilities on base? 

The 17th Force Support Squadron's (FSS) website provides information pertaining to Goodfellow.  The website address is


I’m not affiliated with the Air Force but would like to know if I can use your facilities.

Only active duty personnel, retirees, reservists, guardsmen, DoD civilians, DoD contractors, and military dependents are allowed to access facilities on Goodfellow AFB.  If you are not affiliated with Goodfellow AFB, you must be sponsored on the installation by someone meeting the afore-mentioned criteria. 


How can I make lodging reservations at Goodfellow AFB?

Contact the Angelo Inn at (325) 654-5870, (325) 654-3332, or (325) 654-3686 to make reservations. 


Who is eligible to stay at the Angelo Inn? 

Current and retired U.S. military members and their family members are entitled to stay at the Angelo Inn provided they have valid identification cards. This includes Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard members and their family members. 

Family members must be 18 or older to reserve a room without a military sponsor. 

Department of Defense civilian employees and their family members are also eligible to stay at the Angelo Inn (under certain conditions) provided they have valid identification cards. 

For more information, call the Angelo Inn at (325) 654-5870, (325) 654-3332, or (325) 654-3686 to make reservations. 


What are the Base Exchange operating hours?

Hours of operation: 

Monday - Saturday 9:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m
Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

To contact the Goodfellow Base Exchange, call (325) 654-8576.


What are the base Commissary operating hours?

Hours of operation:

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Friday – 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Saturday – 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Sunday – 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

To contact the commissary, call (325) 654-3327.


Does Goodfellow AFB have a movie theater?

Yes, recently-released and early-release special preview movies are shown on Fridays to Sundays. Tickets costs are $6.50 for adults, and $4.25 for children.  To contact the base movie theater, call (325) 654-3206


Does Goodfellow AFB have a thrift store?

Yes, the Thrift Store is located in building 736, in between the Bowling Alley and Events Center.  Hours of operation are Tuesdays from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


I have a question about base housing, who should I call?

For questions about base housing, contact the Base Housing office at (325) 654-3498.


What is the area code and DSN prefix for Goodfellow AFB?

Area code: 325

DSN prefix: 477


I am relocating to Goodfellow AFB, and I haven’t been assigned a sponsor, who should I call?

To obtain a sponsor, first contact your gaining unit’s Commander Support Staff (CSS).  If after that, you require further assistance, please contact the Goodfellow Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) at (325) 654-3893.


I have an off-base civilian contractor or vendor coming on base for a service call or delivery, how do I get them a base pass?

Military members will coordinate the base pass with the Visitor Center of base installation guard (after duty hours).  Off-base civilian contractors and vendors must present current vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and a valid driver's license prior to obtaining a base pass. Contact the Visitor Center at (325) 654-4122, or Security Forces at (325) 654-3504 for assistance. 


I live in the dorms, how do I sponsor my parents on base?

Family members will provide current vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and a valid driver's license in order to be sponsored on-base.  The military member will meet their family members at the Visitor Center or base gate (after duty hours). 


I’m a military member and my driver’s license is about to expire. What do I need to do?

Contact Security Forces at (325) 654-3504 to determine if the state of issue has an automatic military extension or if an extension will need to be applied for. Each state has different licensing requirements for military members.


What do I have to do if I'm driving a commercial company vehicle on base?

All company vehicles will have to be inspected at the vehicle inspection area.  Along with the inspection; proof of current vehicle registration, current insurance, and a valid driver's license must be presented.   For questions about commercial company vehicle entry, contact Security Forces at (325) 654-3504.


Can I get a map of the base?

Due to OPSEC concerns, no.  However, if you are visiting the base, please work with your sponsor to find directions or ask the installation gate guard(s) where you can find certain buildings, units and offices.  Authorized base personnel can retrieve base maps from several facilities located on the base (i.e. Base Library, and Airman & Family Readiness Center).


Where can I eat on base?

There are two dining facilities located on Goodfellow AFB: Cressman Dining Facility and Western Winds Dining Facility.  Both dining facilities offer an assortment of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.  The base Commissary also has an excellent assortment of food choices.  Additionally, the Base Exchange features a food court with Subway, a BBQ-themed eatery, and Smoothies N Things Café’ located across the street from the Base Exchange.  Other choices include: Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Bowling Alley, and X-Press-O’s Café’.  A listing of facilities, hours and contact numbers is available here:


Where can high school and college students find information about summer-hire positions on base?   

Contact the Civilian Personnel Office (CPO) at (325) 654-3330/3326 for more information. 


I would like to make a donation to the Goodfellow community, who should I coordinate this with?

Any donations must be coordinated with the Goodfellow Public Affairs (PA) office.  To contact the PA office, call (325) 654-3876.


I'm looking for volunteers to support my event.  With whom should I coordinate?

Contact the Goodfellow A&FRC at (325) 654-3893, and ask to speak with the base Volunteer Program Manager.  Additional information about volunteer requests can be located at this website:


Where can I get information about volunteer opportunities?

Additionally, volunteer opportunities can be found in the weekly Goodfellow Monitor newspaper.  Lastly, the Base Chapel (325) 654-3424 and Crossroads Student Center (325) 654-4967, has on-going volunteer opportunities as well. 


Are there any off-limits establishments/areas? 

No, currently there are no off-limits establishments/areas, however if you have any questions concerning off-limits areas, please contact the Goodfellow AFOSI Detachment at (325) 654-3750.


What are the operating hours for both of the base gates?

The North Gate opens at 5:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. and the South Gate is open 24 hours a day.


What is the location, and operating hours of the Goodfellow AFB Visitor Center? 

The base Visitor Center is located adjacent to the base South Gate (S. Chadbourne St).  It hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday, closed on weekends.  To contact the Visitor Center, call (325) 654-4122.


What are the different types of technical school student phases and what are the liberties associated with each phase?

There are three student phases:

Phase-1 begins automatically upon date of arrival and lasts for a minimum of 30 calendar days.  (Must meet certain room inspection and open ranks inspection requirements during this phase). 

Phase-2 begins after Phase-1 requirements are met, this phase lasts a minimum of 90 calendar days.

Phase-3 is reserved for students who have a delayed or extended stay at Goodfellow.  Students in this phase are required to maintain standards from the previous phases, be recommended by the MTL Assistant Flight Chief or higher, and pass their most recent PT appraisal with an 85% or higher.

Specific questions or clarifications about liberties should be referred to each respective Military Training Leader (MTL) office or through your chain of command.


My parents/spouse/significant other wants to visit me while I’m in training, when am I authorized to see them? 

Family members/spouses/significant others can visit students during any stage of training, after the duty day is complete.  However while in Phase-1, students may not leave the base without permission from the Squadron Commander.


At what point during student training am I authorized to drive my POV?

Students can drive their POVs in any phase, however, driving during the duty day is prohibited in all phases.  Additionally, students may not leave the base with their POVs while in Phase-1 without permission from the Squadron Commander.


Where can I find BAH rates for Goodfellow?

BAH rates for Goodfellow AFB can be found at the below website:


Where can I find sports-related activities (outside of school activities) such as Elite Soccer/Baseball/Softball?

Contact the Goodfellow Fitness Center staff at (325) 654-3242 for information or points of contact for community sports activities.  Also, for information about base intramural sports, contact your assigned unit sports representative.



If I am already seeing an OB provider how do I transfer my care to Goodfellow?

You will need to call 1-800-444-5445 to enroll into TRICARE at Goodfellow AFB, Ross Clinic. Call the appointment line at 325-654-3149 and ask to put in a T-Con to your newly assigned provider requesting a OB provider in the local area.


Do I need to turn in my Medical Records to the Ross Clinic?

Yes, all branches of services are required to bring in medical records to be stored in the Medical Record room at the Ross Clinic.


Where do I turn in my medical records?

271 Ft Richardson St, Ross Clinic front desk


Do I need to call TRICARE when I arrive to this base?

Yes, you will need to call 1-800-444-5445 to enroll into TRICARE at Goodfellow AFB, Ross



TRICARE PRIME has no co-pays and patients will be seen on base. TRICARE SELECT has co-pays and can see any provider taking TRICARE off base.


How do I sign up for Patient Portal (secure messaging between patient and provider/team)?

You can come into the clinic and complete paperwork at the front desk. Or log onto and select patient portal and complete application on line.


Do I need to make a new account if I already had Patient Portal at my last base?

No, you only need to update your new provider to the one given to you by TRICARE when you call to enroll at the Goodfellow AFB, Ross Clinic.


What is the Over the Counter Program?

A program designed to provide beneficiaries with medications without booking an appointment and instead talking to a pharmacist who will evaluate patients’ needs and prescribe medication based on evaluation. If needed Pharmacist will refer patient to provider and patient will need to be seen.


What services are provided at the clinic?

Dental (active duty only)
Family Advocacy
Flight Medicine
Health Promotions (all GAFB users)
Immunization Clinic
Mental Health (active duty only)
Optometry (limited NON active duty appointments)
Physical Therapy (active duty only)
Public Health
Student Clinic

No Emergency Services are available at the Ross Clinic


What are the clinic’s hours of operations?

7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


How do I make an appointment?

You can go online to or call 325-654-3149


How many pediatric providers does the clinic have?

The Ross Clinic is only authorized 1 Pediatric provider.


What is the difference between Urgent Care and Emergency Room visits?

Urgent care is no threat to life, limb or eyesight and Emergency Care is threat to life, limb or eyesight


If I was prescribed mediation at my last base and have refills can I get them filled at the clinic?

Yes if you have active refills most medication can be transferred to the Ross Clinic and can take up to 72 hours to be transferred. You can call the pharmacy at 325-654-3101 to check if medication is transferable.


What is the Nurse Advice Line?

It is a service for all TRICARE PRIME beneficiaries where you can talk to a nurse regarding any medical concerns you have and maybe unsure what you need to do.


What is the Nurse Advice Line number?



What happens if I get billed for medical treatment off base?

You need to call the clinic you received the bill from first, make sure info given was correct. Then call TRICARE and finally if help was not given come in to the referral office with bill.


If I’m an International Student with dependence what medical coverage is provided to my family?

Dependent(s) can be see for medical concerns only all other is at expense of International student.


What is EFMP?

Exceptional Family Member Program, who helps with children with special needs. Call 325-654-3222/1479 with questions.


What is Patient Travel?

Is a TRICARE PRIME only benefit when a medical appointment is more than 100 miles away from the Ross Clinic and travel could possibly be covered.


Can Dental see my dependents?

No, this is an active duty service only. This service also excludes active duty students unless it is a true emergency deemed by the dental clinic.


As an instructor can I call to see if my Airman is at the clinic?

Yes you can however you must know patients first name, last name, date of birth and last four of social security number. You will not be told why patient is being seen here.


What are student sick call hours?

0615-0700 and 1200-1230


Who can go to sick call?

Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Reserve, Guard, & International students. Podium/instructors can also attend only am sick call hours.


Does permanent party have a sick call?

No, permanent party members must make an acute appointment your send a secured message to provider through patient portal