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  • Buffalo Soldiers pave the way

    February is African American Heritage month. This month celebrates the accomplishments of African Americans throughout history. Locally, we are able to see these accomplishments through the history of the Fort Concho Buffalo Soldiers. These soldiers not only paved a way in the movement towards African American rights, but also helped build the city
  • Commuting safely

    Most of us drive to and from work each day on San Angelo roadways. We each have a distinct responsibility to ensure our personal safety and the safety of others during the trip no matter the distance traveled. We are often faced with a variety of risk factors: such as rain, snow, construction zones, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and other
  • Defending a prejudiced nation

    San Antonio Tuskegee Airmen Incorporated members met Feb 6. at the Kendrick Enlisted Club. The Tuskegee Airmen enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps becoming the first African-American Airmen in 1940. They exhibited patriotism even though their society deemed them as unworthy, unskilled and incompetent. These Airmen not only fought a war abroad, they
  • Sports injuries; ouch!

    During fiscal year 2012, the base experienced 429 documented injuries. Out of those 429, 169 were sports related. 17 injuries have already been logged for fiscal year 2013. According to Mr. Samuel Spooner, 17 Training Wing Chief of Safety, running injuries take the lead, followed by basketball, flag and tackle football, and soccer."Most of the
  • Goodfellow provides care to furry friends

    The veterinary clinic here, provides an array of veterinary services; starting with military police dog care to vaccinations for Fluffy the household cat.Whether the situation is keeping the military police dogs healthy, to treating a sick puppy, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Denise Ruark, is ready to assist.Although she doesn't have the means to
  • Goodfellow MTL uses SABC to save lives

    To some, Self-Aid and Buddy Care is just another training course but to others, it has meant life or death during their career. One Airman proves just how important this course was in last year's Hunt for Heroes parade tragic accident. Master Sgt. Christopher Doggett has served in the U.S. Air Force since 1992. Throughout his career he has deployed
  • Share the road safely

    Winter is starting to come to an end and with it, more people are choosing to ride bicycles to work.To protect the safety of everyone on the road, Goodfellow Air Force Base has strict policies governing the use of bicycles on base. According to GAFB Instruction 31-204, Air Force Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision document, bicyclists have the same
  • Operation Warmheart, helping all year long

    Although Operation Warmheart is mostly known for its Thanksgiving and Christmas collections at the Commissary, there's much more to this great program. Operation Warmheart is a year-long program that operates in three capacities: facilitate donations, distributions throughout the year and the holiday donation and distribution season.The first,
  • Improving PT scores: Circuit Training

    Participants of the circuit training classes at the Carswell Fitness Center, have experienced an increase in their physical fitness assessment scores."Circuit training helps condition the body," said Alfredo Pizana, 17th Force Support Squadron fitness center manager. "It trains the body to handle exercises without issues. Circuit training also
  • A day in the life of...

    Staff Sgt. Barak Heaney, 316th Training Squadron military training leader, was shadowed by Jennifer Rios,a reporter from The Standard-Times, Dec. 20.When Rios entered Heaney's office that morning, she was drawn to several items. First she noticed all the abstract paints on his walls, most of them Heaney had painted himself. On his desk were various